Incident in Sweden: Two dead from falls in a concert building

Status: 03.11.2021 10:28 a.m.

Two people died in the Uppsala concert hall that evening. Shortly before the start of an ABBA homage, an elderly man fell from the seventh floor on other visitors. He died, as did another person.

Tragic incident in Uppsala, Sweden: two people died in a fall in a concert hall. A man around 80 years old allegedly jumped or fell from the seventh floor of the building. The police in charge said late in the evening that he probably fell on two other people who, like many others, were in the foyer. The victim was declared dead on site.

One of the two people hit – a man around 60 – later also died. A woman about the same age was hospitalized injured. Her life was not in danger.

Several Swedish media had previously reported on the incident in the UKK concert and congress building.

Abba tribute should take place

In the evening, a homage called “Thank You For The Music” was supposed to take place there to honor the music of the two ABBA members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. The concert was canceled.

A good three quarters of an hour before the start of the concert, callers alerted the police that a serious incident had occurred inside the concert hall. “We received a call that someone had either jumped from a great height or fell into the concert hall in the center of Uppsala,” said police spokesman Magnus Jansson Klarin on the evening of the AFP news agency.

According to police, an estimated 1,000 people were in the building for the event. Several of them were questioned as witnesses.

Cause still unclear, but probably not a criminal offense

Police said they currently have no reason to believe that a crime resulted in the man’s fall. The organizer MTLive wrote on Facebook that evening that the concert had to be canceled at short notice. A terrible incident had occurred in the UKK. “What we do know is that someone jumped / fell high up in the arena and met other people while falling.” The police evacuated the house and everyone was in shock.

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