Healing tour, ‘Korea Wellness Tourism Festa’ held for the first time

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, together with the Korea Tourism Organization, will hold the ‘1st Korea Wellness Tourism Festa’ nationwide from the 6th (Sat) to the 28th (Sun) under the theme of ‘Travel becomes healing (healing)’ 2 said work.

Prior to the full-fledged resumption of international tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism informs the world of the charm of Korea’s healing (wellness) tourism to preemptively attracts healing (wellness) tourists to Korea, and provides a valuable travel opportunity for health and healing to domestic and foreign residents exhausted from COVID-19. ‘Korea Wellness Tourism Festa’ was prepared for the first time this year to provide Actress Yeo-jin Choi and broadcaster Angelina Danilova will participate as honorary ambassadors for this festival.

The festival opens on November 6 (Sat), starting with the opening ceremony at ‘Mt. Museum’ in Wonju, which was selected as a 2019 recommended healing (wellness) tourist destination. In particular, 40 people, including dedicated responders and new college students, will experience healing (wellness) tourism programs such as ‘Singing Ball Meditation’ and yoga together, and Director Yang Jae-jin, a mental health specialist, will host a ‘Healing Story Show’. Is expected. The opening ceremony will be broadcast live online so that anyone from home or abroad can participate.

▲ At 36 recommended healing (wellness) tourist destinations across the country, it plans to provide unique experience opportunities such as barefoot experience in the cypress forest and a sun salt healing program for over 6,000 domestic and foreign tourists, and discount up to 30,000 won in experience fee. Discount coupons can be purchased at Tmon (tmon.co.kr) from November 1 (Mon) to 28 (Sun), and can be used from November 8 (Mon) to December 5 (Sun). ▲ At 15 recommended healing (wellness) tourist destinations, such as Geochang’s ‘Sky Lake’ and Jeju’s ‘Chudaseon Resort’, free daily public lectures on oriental medicine, meditation, and beauty are operated (November 7. ~ 21.). ▲ Eight local governments* across the country are also conducting experiential events such as traditional training and walking in the forest, as well as online events for certification of the Nuri communication network.

In addition, the ‘Healians Sun Village’ online real-time experience event will be operated (November 18.) for healing (wellness) tourists from Greater China, Southeast Asia, and Russia who are difficult to visit Korea. Exploration trips (November 4.~10.) to attract potential overseas tourists are also promoted. We invite five Middle Eastern influencers who can intensively introduce Korean healing (wellness) tourism and support tours to major healing (wellness) tourist destinations in Seoul, Incheon, and Gangwon.

Details such as the schedule of the ‘Korea Wellness Tourism Festa’, how to reserve programs such as discount events and public lectures, and information on healing (wellness) tourism can be found on the official website (http://www.wellnessfesta.kr). All events are held to prevent COVID-19, ▲ designation of a quarantine manager for each healing (wellness) tourist destination, ▲ writing an access list and a checklist for regular symptoms, ▲ providing quarantine items for on-site participants such as discount events and public lectures, ▲ wearing a mask in tourist spots, etc. is carried out with strict adherence to

The policy manager of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “With the interest in healing and rest due to COVID-19, the importance of ‘living well and healthy’ is increasing. We hope that it will serve as an opportunity for a new leap forward in the stagnant tourism industry.”

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]


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