“At the mercy of the gangs”: The terrible situation that Haiti’s schools are going through

Haiti’s schools are increasingly at the mercy of gangs, UNICEF warned Tuesday, which Target children for robberies or kidnappings to demand ransom.

“Gangs are rapidly turning temples of knowledge into scenes of violence”

The United Nations agency for children said that at least seven schools in the capital, Port-au-Prince, have been forced to pay unidentified gangs in exchange for safety in the past two months and that other institutions have received threats.

“More and more fear in schools means less and less learning,” said Unicef. “Gangs are rapidly turning temples of knowledge into scenes of violence.”

Meanwhile, the Haitian authorities reported a few days ago that gang members killed a college professor they had kidnapped. Patrice Derenoncourt worked at the Faculty of Social and Political Economy at the University of Notre Dame de Haiti, in Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile, US and Haitian authorities continue to try to secure the release of 17 missionaries from a US religious organization who were kidnapped on October 16 near the capital. The 16 Americans, a Canadian and their Haitian driver were kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang, whose leader has threatened to kill them if their demands are not met. There are five children in the group, including an eight-month-old baby.



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