‘Around Spain’ as the first product of Hana Tour’s live broadcast

Released on November 3 at 8 pm on Hana LIVE… from 2.39 million won
Using Finnair and Korean Air… ‘PCR inspection fee’ for benefits during broadcasting

Hana Tour sells products around Spain in the first broadcast of live commerce ‘Hana LIVE’ / Hana Tour

Hana Tour introduces a product around Spain as the first broadcast of the grand opening of the live commerce ‘Hana LIVE’.

Hana LIVE is a live commerce channel prepared by Hana Tour to strengthen non-face-to-face communication centered on the MZ generation. After about three months of beta service focusing on domestic and foreign products and contents, it opened its grand opening on the 1st.

The first official product of Hana LIVE will be ‘[꿈꾸던 여행의 시작#1] 9 days and 10 days a week in Spain. Experience trendy schedules such as accommodation in Madrid or Barcelona city center hotels, dining at Barcelona’s luxury rooftop restaurant, and the Seville Metropol Parasol 2nd floor observation deck, which is a hot topic on social media. In particular, it is characterized by the fact that there are no local expenses such as guide expenses, shopping center visits, and optional tours.

Hana Tour provides a local PCR test fee and a Barcelona night tour as a reservation benefit during the broadcast. You can book a 9-day product using Finnair from 2.39 million won, a 600,000 won discount from the existing product price, and a 10-day Korean Air charter flight using a direct flight to Spain from 3.89 million won, including the Madrid night view tour.

Hana LIVE can be found on the Hana Tour mobile app, and starting with the Round of Spain product on the 3rd, limited specials and special products at home and abroad are broadcasted every Wednesday at 8 pm. On the 10th, Thailand’s Chiang Mai golf products will be available as a special benefit.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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