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03.11.2021 – 08:13

BLB – Construction and real estate company NRW

Dusseldorf (ots)

JSWD Architekten GmbH & Co. KG + Gina Barcelona Architects, together with Gruner Deutschland GmbH (fire protection) + Werner Sobek AG (structural planning & sustainability), have the structural implementation competition “New building project at Haroldstrasse 5 in Düsseldorf to accommodate the Ministry of Finance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia -Westfalen and other state users “won.

Overall, the jury won the winning model with a consistently consistent design that, on the one hand, reacts very independently to the urban planning conditions, but on the other hand, also convincingly solves the very complex task in terms of functionality and design, as the 1st prize winner. Places 2 and 3 went to the designs of the planning offices Pinkarchitektur GmbH & Co.KG and HPP International Planungsgesellschaft mbH. The competition was awarded by the construction and real estate company of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (BLB NRW), as the owner of the state’s own property. All 14 competition works will be presented from October 29, 2021 as part of a virtual exhibition on the BLB NRW website (https://www.blb.nrw.de/einblicke/projekte/projektdetails/neubauprojekt-am-standort-haroldstrasse-5-in-duesseldorf) presents.

BLB NRW will now start negotiations with the three award winners. After this award procedure, one of the award winners is commissioned with the specific planning of the construction project on the basis of his draft.

According to a decision taken by the state government to re-use the state-owned property “Haroldstrasse 5”, the former building of the interior ministry is to be demolished in favor of a new building. Redevelopment of the property offers the opportunity to design a new, identity-creating urban building block at this prominent urban space. In the future, the NRW.BANK and the Ministry of Finance will be housed at this location. Furthermore, the aim is to optimize the property for the purposes of the state government

and to realize further areas for the state government if possible. With this construction project, an important contribution to the concentration of the ministry areas at this location can be made in a state-owned building.

In the implementation competition – in addition to the architectural forms – the green elements and the climatic functions, the design of the forecourt of the buildings and the contribution for the public were further specified. The structural realization competition was preceded by an urban development competition, the winning design of which forms the basis for processing in the procedure here and, on the other hand, for the division of the property for the two future users, the state government and NRW.BANK.

At the same time, a realization competition for the new NRW.BANK building was held for the neighboring part of the property. Information on the result of the jury meeting can be found at https://www.nrwbank.de/de/info-und-service/presseinformationen/2021/nrwbank-gebaeude.html.

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