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03.11.2021 – 09:01

ARD Das Erste

Munich (ots)

4.432 million viewers: inside and outside the audience – this corresponds to a market share of 15.4% – yesterday watched the episode “Knocked Out!” , in which lawyer Romy Heiland (Christina Athenstädt)) takes on the case of boxer Viktor Klimov (Oskar Bökelmann). The young man lost his sight in a fight. Nevertheless, he is accused of having caused a serious car accident as a driver.

On Tuesday, November 9th, Romy Heiland will be engaged in the episode “Poison in the Garden” so that the alleged perpetrator is punished for poisoning a child.

In addition to Christina Athenstädt, Anna Fischer, Sina Reiß, Peggy Lukac, Rüdiger Kuhlbrodt, Tim Kalkhof, Peter Fieseler and Aleksandar Jovanovic are part of the main cast.

The series is inspired by a real role model: the blind defense attorney Pamela Pabst, who lives and works in Berlin.

“The Savior – We Are Lawyers” is a production by Olga Film on behalf of the ARD joint editorial team “Series in the main evening program” under the direction of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. The executive producer of the ARD joint editorial team and editor is Daria Moheb Zandi (rbb), while the editorial staff is Rudolf Bohne (rbb). The producers are Alicia Remirez and Mirko Schulze, the producer is Helena Rössle. The directors were Jan Bauer, Christoph Schnee, Oliver Dommenget and Oliver Schmitz, the camera Maximilian Lips, Christoph Krauss, Carl Finkbeiner and Marco Uggiano. The scripts were written by Stefan Barth, Tamara Sanio, Catrin Lüth, Ruth Rehmet, Andreas Fuhrmann, Nina Blum, Michaela Beck, Thomas André Szabó and others

The 13 episodes of the new season are available online first seven days before broadcast and then for six months in the ARD media library.

A press kit for the series is available for accredited journalists: inside the Das Erste press service (https://presse.daserste.de) for viewing and downloading.



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