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03.11.2021 – 11:05


Berlin (ots)

  • 78 percent get too little sleep – less than 5 hours on average
  • The majority are exhausted as a result, suffer from mood swings and difficulty concentrating
  • 94 percent of parents sleep better with Owlet baby monitoring systems

It is exciting, but also exhausting, the first time at home with a newborn. The latter is mainly due to the nights that are far too short. But how many hours do new parents actually sleep per night? And: how much is undisturbed sleep worth to them?

A new study by the Babytech brand Owlet shows that 78 percent of parents get less sleep in the first few months after the birth of their offspring than they say they need to feel rested. The survey was carried out by the opinion research institute Innofact, which asked 1005 parents from Germany whose youngest child is no more than two years old.

According to the Owlet Study, parents get an average of just under five hours (4.9) of sleep per night. However, to feel rested, they would need about an hour and a half more sleep per night.

So it’s not surprising that lack of sleep leaves its mark:

  • 67 percent of parents are exhausted (69% mothers, 66% fathers)
  • 58 percent have mood swings (60% mothers, 57% fathers)
  • 54 percent suffer from concentration disorders (53% mothers, 54% fathers)
  • 45 percent complain of more frequent headaches (44% mothers, 45% fathers)
  • 34 percent quarrel with their partner more often (37% mothers, 31% fathers)

So it’s no wonder that mums and dads would dig deep into their pockets to just sleep one night undisturbed: New parents would be willing to pay 96 euros for it. Owlet found out that the suffering of fathers seems to be higher because they would even pay 111 euros for a good night’s sleep, while mothers would pay 82 euros.

There is effective support for many nights of restful sleep for 4.5 times this amount. The Owlet Baby Monitoring System, the award-winning Owlet Smart Sock 3, leaves 94 percent of parents sleep better, according to a survey of 5,000 parents. No wonder: it transmits useful information exactly when it is needed. The smart sock informs parents when the heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside of the preset ranges. With the Owlet Cam the child remains in view, as it has two-way audio as well as noise and motion detectors.

The Smart Sock 3 costs 329 euros, the Owlet Cam 159 euros. The products are available as a duo for 439 euros. To buy among others in Owlet-Onlineshop, at Amazon as well as in selected baby shops.

About Owlet

Owlet was founded in 2012 by a group of parents. Owlet’s mission is to provide mothers and fathers with the right information at the right time, giving them peace of mind, and helping them enjoy parenting even more. Owlet’s digital platform aims to provide parents with real-time data and insights to help them feel more comfortable and secure. Owlet believes that mothers and fathers deserve a more relaxed and rested parenting experience and that every child has the right to a long, happy and healthy life. Owlet develops products to support this.

Owlet Baby Care Inc. is headquartered in Lehi, Utah. The company’s CEO and co-founder is father of three, Kurt Workman.

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