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03.11.2021 – 09:50

guenstiger.de GmbH

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On November 26th, numerous retailers will again be luring with special offers for Black Friday. But how much is the major shopping event really worth it for buyers? The price comparison guenstiger.de took a close look at the Black Friday offers of numerous shops last year and checked whether the products were actually offered cheaper than usual on the day of the campaign. The result: On Black Friday 2020, shoppers were able to compare the items examined Save an average of 9 percent compared to the previous week. *

Biggest savings on hardware and gaming items

The greatest savings were made in the past year with hardware store items such as hand and garden tools. On Black Friday, shoppers paid an average of 13 percent less than a week earlier in online retail. Gaming products were meanwhile offered on average 12 percent cheaper. Consumers were also able to save on toys at the shopping event. Lego & Co. were available on average 11 percent cheaper. In the areas of computers, audio and household electronics, consumers were able to save 10 percent compared to the previous week.

Televisions and wearables offer the smallest potential for savings

In some product categories, the savings were again less than 10 percent. For example, with smartphones, which were offered on Black Friday 2020 on average 8 percent cheaper than a week earlier. Buyers saved the least on wearables and televisions, which were each 5 percent lower in price.

After Black Friday, prices go up again

The comparison portal also checked whether the prices remained so cheap after the day of the action or whether they rose again. It showed that the products examined cost an average of 12 percent more a week after Black Friday. Even shortly before Christmas, prices stayed at this higher level.

Buyers should review offers

Although consumers were able to save the majority of the discount campaigns on Black Friday 2020 compared to the previous week, the experts still recommend not to commit to one shop, but always to take a look at the competition. According to the analysis, in a direct market comparison in a quarter of the samples last year, an even cheaper deal could be found with another provider.

* guenstiger.de checked a total of 180 Black Friday offers from several retailers how expensive the products were on the day of the promotion compared to the online prices of the comparison portal a week earlier.

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