▷ Marburger Bund boss calls for “lockdown light” for unvaccinated people

03.11.2021 – 01:00

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Marburger Bund boss calls for “lockdown light” for unvaccinated people

Chairman Johna: “From my point of view, 2G should be the standard in all areas of public life” – call for an awareness campaign on booster vaccinations

Osnabrück. The chairwoman of the Marburger Bund Doctors’ Association has spoken out in favor of a “lockdown light” for unvaccinated people: “From my point of view, 2G should be the standard in all areas of public life, for example in restaurants and museums,” said Susanne Johna in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). 2G means that only those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated have access. “As far as the companies are concerned, I think the 3G regulations in Italy and Austria are worth emulating,” added the Marburger Bund chairwoman on the day before the next conference of health ministers. With 3G, non-vaccinated people should only come to work with a negative corona test.

As a justification, Johna referred to the recently increased corona numbers. “We can already see how quickly the delta virus variant can gradually get a stable situation out of control.” There are around 13 million unvaccinated adults in Germany, and of the more than ten million people over the age of 70, fewer than two million have received a booster vaccination. “So it is a simple calculation: If the unvaccinated and a smaller part of the vaccinated become infected within a very short time, hospitals will also reach their limits again, depending on the regional incidence.” Especially since, unlike last year, the clinics are running the entire program again. “We already lack sufficient staff for this regular operation.”

When it came to third-party vaccinations, the Marburger Bund chairman accused politics of failing: “We have to step up the pace with the booster vaccinations,” she said, and demanded an immediate campaign: “The health ministries of the federal states should now send all people over 70 by letter Provide targeted information about the possibility of a booster vaccination. You shouldn’t just assume that people already know. ” But the information campaign on vaccination is still “very wooden”. This is very problematic because many of those affected do not even know “that they need a third vaccination in order to continue to be well protected against a serious course of the disease”.

Priority should be given to people over 70 and those with certain previous illnesses: “The sequence recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission is correct,” said Johna of the NOZ. “After more than half a year, the protective effect of the vaccination has waned, especially in the elderly. In order to maintain immunity, we now need booster vaccinations for this particularly vulnerable group of people,” she said. “This also includes younger people with certain pre-existing conditions and medical staff.”

A reopening of the vaccination centers, as demanded by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), is not necessary for this. “It was a political decision to dismantle the vaccination centers. But that can be compensated if mobile units are now massively strengthened,” said the Marburger Bund boss. “I think there should also be more vaccination buses across the country. Such low-threshold offers have been very well received in recent months, whereas the vaccination centers have recently had a comparatively low number of visitors.”

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