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03.11.2021 – 09:30

OC fulfillment GmbH

London / Berlin / Cologne / Warsaw (ots)

Lite e-Commerce, a Polish startup company that belongs to the Zabka Group – the owner of the largest convenience store chain in Poland – has chosen commercetools and fulfillmenttools as its technology partner. The companies will assist the Polish company in introducing a new service to the Polish Q-Commerce market – Zabka Jush.

With the increase in on-demand shopping of everyday goods, including consumer goods and groceries, quick commerce is the latest trend in e-commerce. Zabka Jush offers more than 1,300 products to choose from, including chilled and frozen items, and delivers groceries within 15 minutes via its user-friendly app. Customers who are less technically savvy can also benefit from an optimal shopping experience, and with the new service they can buy their groceries conveniently, quickly and flexibly. The products are picked up in so-called “dark stores”, ie at locations that are only used to process online orders. The new service starts in Warsaw, Poland, and is expected to quickly expand to other cities.

In order to offer its customers an optimal shopping experience, Lite e-Commerce decided on commercetools, co-founder of the MACH Alliance, whose platform is based on the modern MACH principles – microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless. The Polish grocer will use the commercetools platform as a robust, scalable technology platform to handle peaks in customer demand.

“We are delighted that Zabka has chosen us to support the company in this new venture,” says Dirk Hoerig, CEO of commercetools. “Our platform is perfectly suited to this challenge. It will enable the Lite E-Commerce team to rely on a high-performance backend that enables a smooth customer experience across all channels.”

In addition to commercetools, Lite e-Commerce also opted for fulfillmenttools, a partner with broad e-commerce and omnichannel expertise in the grocery trade, which offers innovative, cloud-based and modular software-as-a-service solutions for fulfillment processes. fulfillmenttools, with its proven track record of quick and easy integration into existing retail processes, provides the right platform for Lite e-Commerce. The goal: to enable efficient and error-free order picking as well as a seamless transition to the shipping process with a short time to market and full scalability. “Together with commercetools we are a powerful team. We look forward to the task of successfully expanding the area of ​​Q-Commerce together with our colleagues at Zabka”, says Jürgen Brock, CEO of fulfillmentools. “With our modern cloud-based platform, Lite is perfectly positioned to offer customers an outstanding shopping experience throughout the entire customer journey.”

“We are very pleased to be working with commercetools and fulfillmenttools on our new business venture,” says Zbigniew Sobiecki, CTO at Lite e-Commerce. “By investing in this partnership, we are one step closer to our goal of revolutionizing online shopping. With the flexible and well-documented API-based platform, which enables very fast implementation as well as flexible integration and customer-specific development, we these tools enable us to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. ”

Via fulfillmenttools

The start-up OC fulfillment GmbH was founded in 2020 from the innovation hub of REWE digital and has the vision of supporting market participants from all retail sectors with its “fulfillmenttools” platform in setting up their own omnichannel experience for their customers and thus making a valuable contribution for digitization. The young company is the first REWE digital spin-off to make its solutions independently accessible to all retail companies. Building on the broad e-commerce expertise, including in the food and non-food (REWE delivery service and REWE pick-up service) as well as wine (Weinfreunde.de) and animal supplies (ZooRoyal.de) industries, innovative, cloud-based software solutions are created. The “fulfillmenttools” platform supports the entire process from receiving the order to handing it over to the customer in the store (Click & Collect) or handing it over to shipping service providers for home delivery. In addition, convenient processes for customer returns are being developed. The aim is to remove the hurdles of the predominantly stationary business on the way to full-fledged omnichannel offers. The solutions from “fulfillmenttools” offer, among other things, individualized tools for in-store fulfillment solutions and an intelligent order distribution system (Distributed Order Management System). All modules can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. At the Carlswerk in Cologne-Mülheim, 30 employees also develop comprehensive solutions to increase the efficiency of players who are established in online trading.

Via commercetools

commercetools is a leading global software company and stands for the platform of the same name for modern B2C and B2B trade. commercetools offers its customers flexible development modules and a real cloud platform. This enables companies to implement innovative business models and offer their customers comprehensive and inspiring shopping experiences across all touchpoints. Commercetools has been headquartered in Munich since it was founded in 2006 and is globally positioned with branches in the USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. International brands, including Fortune 500 companies, rely on the commercetools platform. For more information, see https://commercetools.com/de/

Via Lite e-Commerce

Lite e-Commerce Sp. Z oo – is a company of the Polish Zabka Group, which is responsible for developing e-commerce solutions. The company focuses on technology creation, product development and management of e-commerce activities within the group.

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