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03.11.2021 – 08:01

Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Aachen, Germany, April 23 / PRNewswire /

· With this service, e.GO is one of only a few other BEVs for urban areas that offers a smart battery replacement solution.

· The introduction underscores the company’s focus on innovations aimed at improving the ecological footprint of electric vehicles, which is mainly caused by the use of large batteries.

· The unique service offers e.GO customers safety and comfort if they want to drive a longer distance if necessary.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the independent German manufacturer of innovative and sustainable electric vehicles for urban areas, today announced the introduction of its intelligent battery replacement solution. It is another milestone in the mission to promote the sustainability of urban mobility over the entire life cycle.

Customers who have to be on the road longer than usual due to an unexpected event can use this function integrated in their e.GO Life to replace the almost empty battery with a fully charged one in a designated e.GO battery exchange station – the “e.Pit” – to exchange. On the way back or at a later point in time, but no later than within a month, the customer can pick up his original battery – fully charged – at the same station. Customers remain the owners of their original battery and can keep track of everything at all times using the e.GO app with their battery ID. The service is made available to all e.GO customers free of charge as part of their annual exchange contingent. The exchange process takes about 60 minutes and is therefore faster than a full charge at a conventional public charging station. The company is working to shorten the duration of the swap even further in order to meet the goal of just under 30 minutes in the future.

The first two swap stations in the Aachen plant and in Zülpich (Pardemann service partner) are fully operational as of today. The next stations are in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, with more being planned.

“At e.GO, battery replacement is not just a new feature or another line of business. By using technologies and innovations like these, we want our customers and all e.GO users who have decided to act responsibly and who the ecological footprint of your vehicle as well as sustainable urban mobility are important, show our greatest gratitude. It is our responsibility to support this endeavor for more sustainability in the best possible way – and with our battery replacement solution we offer the corresponding convenience “, says Ali Vezvaei, CEO of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

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