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03.11.2021 – 08:30

AbilityWatch e.V.

Berlin (ots)

The nationwide disability rights organization AbilityWatch e. V. urges that the rights of people with disabilities should not be left out as a marginal issue in the coalition negotiations.

“After all, it is about the reality of life for 8 million German citizens,” says the well-known activist Raul Krauthausen, describing the situation. In view of the vague and concise wording in the exploratory paper that one wants to “further expand” and “accessibility” […] promote “, the association doubts that the concerns of people with disabilities are the focus of the possibly coming government parties.

“The UN Disability Rights Convention, which has actually been in force in Germany since 2009, must finally be fully enforced. It is not about any concessions or concessions from the majority society, but about the long overdue, effective enforcement of the legal rights of people with disabilities “, clarifies Anne Gersdorff, consultant for inclusive work.

An obligation of the private sector to be barrier-free, as it has existed for decades in Austria, Great Britain or the USA, is overdue in this country. “In Germany, it is relatively easy to talk about excessive demands on the economy without understanding that it is only a matter of reasonable measures. The unnecessary and easily bridged step in front of the restaurant, the ban on taking the assistance dog into the premises, or the Throwing out a guest with a disability because the other guest is disturbing – these things must be a thing of the past, “explains AbilityWatch chairman Constantin Grosch.

Likewise, there should no longer be a need for a bureaucratic and legal struggle for those affected to be able to freely choose their type of living. Although courts have regularly made it clear that no one may be forced into a home, it is a long road full of existential fears for those affected to reach such a decision. Many do not get through this, describes Nancy Poser, who also works in the forum for disabled lawyers, the situation. Legal clarification is required here.

The disability rights organization also hopes that the future coalition partners will recognize that the implementation of modern participation principles would even bring budgetary advantages: “Participation services that enable people with disabilities to lead a self-determined life still limit the income and assets of those affected. People with disabilities, for whom taking up employment is often more difficult than for people without disabilities, are then financially worse off than their colleagues without disabilities despite doing the same job, “explains the activity Thomas Schulze zur Wiesch. He adds: “This is particularly irritating because the income and wealth check is more costly for the administrations than generating income from the incomes skimmed off by those affected. The state is wasting taxpayers’ money here to provide disabled people financially for life only because of their disability-related need for help This is an expression of the outdated welfare principle, which should long ago have been replaced by equal participation in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. ”

Nancy Poser doubts that the traffic light coalition has already made the change in thinking: “None of the 22 negotiating working groups explicitly deals with a progressive disability policy. Instead, politicians refer in discussions to the working group for social affairs.”

The organization AbilityWatch e. V. has what it sees as the most urgent need for regulation in the field of the participation of people with disabilities here summarized.

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