▷ Corona pandemic: the number of fake vaccination passports in Lower Saxony is skyrocketing

03.11.2021 – 01:00

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Osnabrück (ots)

Corona pandemic: the number of fake vaccination passports in Lower Saxony is skyrocketing

State Criminal Police Office warns – only the tip of the iceberg

Osnabrück. In view of the current corona restrictions due to 2G and 3G rules, the demand from unvaccinated people for fake vaccination passports is increasing in Lower Saxony. The State Criminal Police Office in Hanover informed the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ): “The number of identified cases of false vaccination records has risen continuously and recently by leaps and bounds.” From January to September of this year, several hundred forgeries appeared in Lower Saxony, the LKA speaks specifically of “cases in the lower three-digit range”. This would include both blank vaccination certificates and total forgeries. That is a clear increase compared to September, when the LKA only had knowledge of “a middle two-digit number”.

This should only be the tip of the iceberg, because false vaccination cards are usually not noticed. They are relatively easy to forge as they do not contain any special security features such as banknotes or ID cards. In Lower Saxony, as everywhere in Germany, the investigators assume, in their own words, that there is a “high number of unreported cases”. Exact figures are not available because the forgery of vaccination passports is not recorded as a crime in the police crime statistics (PKS). According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, such a forgery costs between 80 and 130 euros per item on the open Internet, while counterfeiters on the street can also charge up to 300 euros per item. The LKA Lower Saxony has no data on who the perpetrators are.

The trend can be seen all over the north. The State Criminal Police Office in Schleswig-Holstein has also observed an increase in the number of falsified vaccination certificates due to the relaxation of the law for vaccinated people. The known numbers were so far in the single-digit range, it said. The LKA also recorded an increase in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. “However, overall there is a low number of cases,” said a spokesman. From January to October there were 19 cases in which forged vaccination cards were offered for sale or used.

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