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03.11.2021 – 07:35


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Last chance for changers: Most motor insured persons can only cancel their existing contracts until November 30th in order to switch to a cheaper or more efficient tariff in the new year. On the occasion of the vehicle change season, the digital insurance manager CLARK provides information about what needs to be observed when terminating insurance contracts and when exactly it makes sense to change.

Keep the notice period

If you are usually bound by the notice period, the note should be on the table by November 30th. In some cases, however, from Special right of termination Be made use of. “The special right of termination does not only apply if the vehicle insurance is changed when the vehicle is changed, but also, for example, if the insurer increases the premiums without improving the range of services,” says co-founder and COO of CLARK, Dr. Marco Adelt. Independent advice can help to check the individual insurance situation.

Saving when changing insurance – What to consider

Saving by changing insurance initially sounds very attractive. However, car owners who have changed insurance very often in the past are rather unpopular with new insurers. Therefore, before giving notice, you should always ask yourself whether a change is actually worthwhile. “Exchange bonuses and savings are initially tempting, but it’s worth taking a closer look,” advises Adelt.

Clarify acceptance of the no-claims discount

Another point that should be considered when changing vehicle insurance is the vehicle no-claims classes. the Motor vehicle no-claims classes provide information on how many years you have been driving your car without an accident. The classes also determine the insurance premium to a certain extent. “However, when you switch, you can only take the accident-free years with you, because the special no-claims class discounts can only be transferred in exceptional cases,” explains Adelt. It is also important here to check the respective policies and seek independent advice. In this way you can find out under which conditions you can continue to use your discounts and whether a change is really worthwhile.

In any case, it is worthwhile to compare your insurance contracts and, if necessary, to change them. Since the insurance companies adjust their tariffs every year, it makes sense to check once a year whether the chosen tariff is still the right one.

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