Yellow Balloon, a theme hotel exhibition for domestic winter travel

Sales of accommodation facilities such as hanok and ryokan on the free travel platform
Selected hotels in various price ranges from 50,000 won per night

The Yellow Balloon Free Travel Platform started on the 1st the ‘Winter Theme Hotel Special Exhibition’ consisting of accommodation facilities that are perfect for domestic winter travel.

In this special exhibition, you can enjoy wine in a ryokan where you can feel as if you are in Japan, a heated outdoor pool, and an outdoor garden, such as a hanok with ondol, a Hinoki bath, a kaiseki meal, and a tatami room. Various and unique winter accommodations such as campfires to enjoy are introduced.

The hotels recommended by Yellow Balloon are ▲Namwonyechon BY Kensington (hanok, 150,000 won~) ▲Ongye Jongtaek (hanok, 50,000 won~) ▲Tomonoya Daecheon (ryokan, 310,000 won~) ▲Nest Hotel Incheon (outdoor heated pool, 120,000 won~) ▲Aurora Hotel Jeju (campfire, 70,000 won~), and other various products are prepared. In addition, a 7% discount coupon for hotel reservations will be presented until November 30th. An official from Yellow Balloon said, “Overseas travel is possible, but if you are still feeling burdened, we recommend that you enjoy a special experience in Korea through this special exhibition.”

The Yellow Balloon Free Travel Platform will start the ‘Winter Theme Hotel Special Exhibition’ from November 1. / Yellow Balloon

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