With Corona-Opening of Southeast Asian borders, overseas flight reservations surge

WeMakePrice, overseas ticket transaction volume in October 790%↑
55% share in Southeast Asia, 35% and 7% in the US and Europe, respectively

With Corona (step-by-step recovery of daily life), the number of people who want to go on a trip immediately is increasing rapidly. In particular, unlike the travel pattern of purchasing overseas air tickets with sufficient time to spare, the proportion of payment for air tickets leaving sooner has increased.

As a result of WeMakep’s analysis of overseas flight ticket sales data for October (1-25), the transaction amount increased by 790% compared to all others, and the proportion of tickets departing within the year (October to December) reached 90%. Reservations for airline tickets departing from January to March 2022 account for only 10%. The preferred travel destinations were Southeast Asia (55%), the United States (35%), and Europe (7%).

A WeMakeP official said, “Travel demand has not yet fully recovered, but as we enter the era of With Corona, the expectations and demand for overseas travel will increase.” We plan to introduce various travel products such as Thailand and Singapore.”

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