Saturday, November 27

WAUG, 2030 User-Centered CI Reorganization

Emphasize user-centricity with an under bar at the bottom of the alphabet U
Applicable to outdoor advertisements such as apps, web pages and posters

WAUG, a travel activity reservation platform, has released a new CI containing the value of ‘user-centered’.

WAUG announced that the CI has been changed to more intuitively convey the service name and CI slogan, WAUG (Where Are You Going) to travelers around the world. The biggest difference in design is the new addition of an underbar (_) at the bottom of the alphabet U (U). It clearly conveys the meaning of providing a more advanced user-oriented service through the underbar. It is also noteworthy that the pink used for the existing CI, aka WAUG Pink, was used as the underbar color. It is intended to inherit the familiar and sophisticated corporate image of 2030, the main user. The design improvement with an emphasis on enhancing readability so that anyone can easily and clearly read the logo regardless of the logo size is also eye-catching. We focused on promoting a younger and more energetic corporate image to users by making the horizontal and vertical ratios of the letters in proportions close to a square.

The key message contained in this CI is to deliver the message that WAUG is a global travel activity service company for users and by users, meaning that WAUG is everywhere a user travels. It focuses on the traveler who enjoys travel, that is, the ‘user’. WAUG plans to sequentially apply the newly changed CI design, such as mobile apps, web pages, and major online channels. In addition, the company plans to promote WAUG’s user-centered and user-oriented values ​​in various fields by actively using it for outdoor advertisements such as posters and electronic billboards and various visual designs.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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