Treasure Island Tour, Open Recruitment of Experienced Employees with With Corona

Scheduled to hire team leaders and OP-level careers from November 1st
Europe, America, overseas golf, Oceania, Southeast Asia, etc.

Treasure Island Tour starts hiring experienced employees from November 1 and actively prepares for with Corona / Treasure Island Tour

Treasure Island Tour started hiring experienced employees with the start of With Corona on November 1. This is to accelerate the resumption of business as the resumption of overseas travel has recently accelerated.

For this open recruitment, overseas golf, Europe, and Americas teams must have experience at the level of a general travel agency team leader, and OPs with at least one year of experience. In the case of the Oceania, South Pacific, and Southeast Asia teams, only the OP level will be reinforced first. After hiring, you will work 100% normally, and you will be paid 100% of your salary. The public recruitment, which was suspended due to the 4th pandemic at the end of June, started again with Corona. Documents can be submitted from November 1st, and if you pass the on-the-job interview, which is held frequently after November 8th, you will be sent to work immediately.

Treasure Island Tour said, “This is the first public recruitment as a general travel agency in about a year and 10 months since Corona. I think it will be an opportunity.” He added, “There is also a plan to further open recruitment in January or February next year, depending on the situation.”

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