Sheraton Laguna Guam transforms into ‘Riga Royal’ brand next spring

First launch in Guam in America, maintaining existing management
Normal operation until opening…Service upgrade

Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort will be reborn as ‘RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort’ next spring / PHR Korea

Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort will be reborn as RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort in the spring of 2022.

The RIHGA Royal brand is a hotel group boasting a tradition of more than 80 years, making its debut in Guam in the Americas. Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort (hereinafter referred to as Sheraton Guam) will officially open as RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort (hereinafter RIHGA Royal Guam) in the spring of 2022 after partial renovation of guest rooms and food and beverage facilities. Sheraton Guam will operate normally until the official opening of RIHGA Royal Guam, and the existing management and owner will be maintained even after the brand change.

RIHGA Royal Guam is located about 15 minutes from Guam International Airport. A great feature is that you can enjoy the beautiful view of the infinity pool facing the sea. In particular, the suite rooms at RIHGA Royal Guam are equipped with a private terrace Jacuzzi, which will provide differentiated services of a luxury resort. Jingoo Kim, CEO of PHR Korea said, “As Sheraton Guam is reborn as RIHGA Royal Guam, we will provide upgraded services in many ways. .

Meanwhile, RIHGA Royal Guam has opened an official Korean teaser site for domestic customers and is providing hotel information.

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