Saxony tightened rules for unvaccinated people

A new corona protection ordinance with stricter rules will apply in Saxony as early as Monday. The cabinet informed about this at a press conference on Tuesday.

In the new Corona Protection Ordinance, the 2G rule (access only for vaccinated and convalescent people) is to become mandatory in indoor catering, at events and in leisure and cultural facilities, clubs and bars. So far, the organizers and operators have been able to decide for themselves whether they want to use the 2G rule. Distance, masks and a limited number of visitors are to remain in the new regulation for 2G. So far, the rule has been an option to be able to hold events without these restrictions.

Christmas markets could be affected by restrictions

The 2G rule should also apply to major events. This applies to events with more than 1,000 participants, both indoors and outdoors. This applies to football games, among other things, but the Christmas markets and mountain parades could also be affected if there are more than 1,000 visitors.

Recommendation: home office and 3G at work

In the work area, Dagmar Neukirch, State Secretary in the Ministry of Social Affairs, urged employers to enable home office. There is currently no legal basis for a duty. It is also strongly recommended to use the 3G rule in the workplace. Previously, there was an obligation to test several times a week (or vaccinated or recovered) only if there was direct contact with the customer. As a recommendation, this should now be extended to all work areas. According to Neukirch, care facilities should also be better protected. In the future, the entire staff and not just the nurses will be tested here three times a week.

Wearing an FFP2 mask should be compulsory in local public transport. So far, surgical masks could also be worn. After a shortened hearing phase, the cabinet wants to make a final decision on Friday. It is about “prevention in the pandemic,” said Dagmar Neukirch. Otherwise one would have to declare an emergency if the hospitals were overloaded. However, this does not mean a lockdown because the legal basis for this will be lacking once the pandemic emergency expires.

Weekly incidence of unvaccinated at 600

The infection process is happening rapidly among the many people who have not yet been vaccinated. For them, the weekly incidence is 600, for the vaccinated it is 58, according to Neukirch. The burden on hospitals is greater than it was a year ago. There is currently a sickness rate of ten to twelve percent among staff: “The nursing staff are at the end of their tether.”

Regardless of local incidences, the regulations should apply throughout Saxony, according to Neukirch. There will be no different rules for cities and districts. For churches and the practice of religion as well as in parliaments, special regulations continue to apply.

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