Public service: Ver.di announces state strikes

Status: 02.11.2021 3:10 p.m.

The ver.di union has announced strikes in the public sector. The focus should be on the health facilities, said ver.di boss Werneke. The second round of negotiations had previously failed.

After the unsuccessful second round of negotiations for the more than one million workers in the public sector in the federal states, the union ver.di has announced strikes. “We don’t waste our time for days in order to hear a stoic no from the employers’ side to all the demands of the employees,” said ver.di boss Frank Werneke.

As a sad highlight, no offer had been made. “Anyone who provokes strikes shouldn’t be surprised if they get them,” emphasized the unionist. “The collective bargaining community of the German states bears sole responsibility for the consequences of the coming strikes.” The focus of the strike should be in the health facilities of the federal states, said Werneke.

Five percent more wages are required

The unions are demanding an increase in income of five percent for employees in the public service of the federal states, but at least 150 euros over a period of twelve months. Healthcare workers are to receive an additional 300 euros per month in the form of a table. The training allowances are to be increased by 100 euros.

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