Man in house arrest gathers 300 guests in clandestine party

A 55-year-old man named Miguel Ángel Godoy who fulfills house arrest at his home in Chivilcoy (Argentina) for a drug-related crime, met again in person with the authorities after having met with 300 guests at a party clandestine.

The events occurred last Saturday according to local authorities, specifically the Night Directorate, which arrived at the address on Calle Conesa from which strident lights and sounds were emitted during a party to which the guests they entered after paying a fee with which they received a bracelet like the ones are used in festivals. The required entry fee was not reported, however.

Among the nearly 300 guests there were some minors who had obtained their bracelet after covering the corresponding subscription to be part of the celebration, which according to the police report had been organized by a 36 year old man old named Pablo Ezequiel and who was at the disposal of the police authorities after the events.

For its part, the Buenos Aires prison service was informed of the clandestine party in the home of Godoy, who according to the Argentine authorities received house arrest due to a complaint against him for drug distribution precisely in the same address in which the recent event took place.

This prison service is known to monitor Michelangelo’s movements through a electronic device on the ankle, of the so-called “shackles” of special use for this type of sentence.


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