Japan’s MZ generation’s visit to Korea is ‘hot’… Accelerating travel market recovery

Korea Tourism Organization, Dohannori event with 1 million views
Two-week visit to Korea support campaign held in both countries

The homepage of ‘Dohannori Theme Plaza’ opened by the Korea Tourism Organization on October 15th. Provides content such as GIPHY stickers and AR games / Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization is actively targeting the MZ generation to recover the Japanese market. It stimulates the desire to travel to Korea through online games and hybrid K-content experiences using character/AR filters. A special price is also provided when purchasing travel packages for Korea in advance.

First, ‘Dohannori Theme Plaza’ is an online event inspired by ‘Dohannori (imitation of travel in Korea)’ that is popular among the MZ generation in Japan. It is a way to decorate and share an Instagram story with Giphy stickers using webtoon characters and text emoticons to promote Korean tourism, and it also recorded more than 1 million views within 4 days of its launch. Song Eun-kyung, deputy director of the Northeast Asia Team, said, “The most popular stickers among the participants are a crying character expressing their desire to go to Korea and a text sticker with the words ‘I really want to go to Korea’.” ▲ K-box catch game using face recognition AR filter ▲ Bukchon Hanok Village Dash ▲ Hallyu star makeup event will be held in sequence until the end of the year.

If you want to prepare for a more vivid trip to Korea, how about ‘2021 Korea Festa, Takara Korea’? It is being conducted in a hybrid method through OTT platform and SNS relay in Korea and Japan for two weeks from October 29th. Starting with Tokyo and Osaka, they are held sequentially in Seoul, Fukuoka, and Incheon, and you can experience Korea with various themes such as dramas and K-pop, as well as musicals, food, performances, and local tourism. Klook and Expedia joined from October in the ‘Korea Travel Support Campaign’, which has been running with major online travel agencies in Japan since May, to provide travel products such as flights, lodging, and experiences at special prices.

Kim Yong-jae, head of the Northeast Asia Team, said, “We have been steadily preparing a campaign to recover the Korean market in order to respond quickly to the With Corona era and to preoccupy overseas travel destinations compared to competing countries. Through this, we will work hard for the rapid recovery of the Korean market.”

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