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Hana Tour, a new marketing campaign with 100 million won

‘As you dream, unfold’ campaign…Introduction of new CIs, products, and apps
Travel prizes valued at 100 million won, from the cheapest deal to aurora hunting

Hana Tour’s new marketing campaign ‘As you dream, unfold’ / Hana Tour

Hana Tour introduces a new marketing campaign ‘As you dream, unfold’ citing the brand slogan. This campaign is based on the concept that Hana Tour is the starting point of the dream trip, and it contains the meaning that Hana Tour will make all the world, dreams, thoughts, happiness, and experiences ‘unfold’ as anyone dreams.

Hana Tour will introduce ‘New CI’, ‘New Product’, and ‘New App’, and announce the first step of a new look, such as Hana Tour’s products and services. ‘New CI’ shows the new image and brand story of Hana Tour that connects the dream of travel. Instead of eliminating group visits to shopping centers, the ‘new product’ focuses on the tourist attractions preferred by free travelers, and Hana Tour’s special product ‘Hana Original’ will also be introduced. In the ‘New App’, you can experience ‘Planner’ to design travel itineraries, ‘Place’ containing local information around the world, and ‘Hana LIVE’, a live commerce conducted locally.

Hana Tour also released a TV CF with the meaning of ‘As you dream, unfold’, the main message of this campaign, along with the CI that was replaced after 11 years. A total of 4 TV CFs include the launch episode containing Hana Tour’s ambition to provide the travel that people dreamed of and expand the experience of multiple generations beyond simple travel, as well as Aurora hunting in Finland, accommodation in Taiwan’s aquarium, and luxury glamping in Australia. It was planned as three main parts containing the contents.

Hana Tour is holding various exhibitions and events to announce this campaign. We introduce special specials exclusive to Hana LIVE through a weekly intensive regional exhibition, and a special exhibition ‘Hana Original’, a special travel product that contains the dreams of customers, will also be introduced. In November, the lowest price purchase deal for domestic products will be opened, starting at 1:00 pm on the 1st, starting at 1,000 won for a Jeju flight ticket (one-way), and tickets for domestic hotels and major attractions. For customers who book domestic and overseas travel between November and December, payment discounts and a specially designed limited-edition duty free shop benefit pack are also provided.

In the main event ‘As you dream, spread out’, a total of 100 million won worth of prizes will be presented through lottery. 1st place (1 person) will receive a travel ticket to go on a dream trip by choosing one of the three products of ‘Hana Original’ appearing in TV CF: Aurora Hunting in Finland, Accommodation at the Taiwan Aquarium, and Glamping in Australia. 1 person) is provided with a 3-day Jeju travel pass, including Hana Tour’s own private stay ‘Daum’, which recycles empty houses in Jeju. In addition, a full set of gaming items used by Damwon Kia players sponsored by Hana Tour (3 people), Class 101 learning, Purple Dog wine, and World Snack subscription tickets for Snack Trip are provided as prizes to expand the experience, and all participating members 5,000 mileage on Hana Tour will be accumulated. In addition, the ‘My Own Planner’ event, which registers travel schedules with ‘Planner’, a new service of the Hana Tour App 2.0 released last month, will also be held.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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