Culture and Tourism Journal Lee Myung Received the Magazine Press Award, Head of Management Support Office

Culture and Tourism Journal Lee Myung, head of the Management Support Office, won the ‘Korean Magazine Press Award’.

The Korea Magazine Association (Chairman Baek Jong-woon) presented the ’55th Korean Magazine Press Award’ to those of merit who contributed to the development of magazines at the Press Center on the occasion of Magazine Day on November 1.

Director Myung Lee, who received the Media Award in the editorial section, joined the monthly 『Cultural Tourism Journal』 as an editor in November 2003 and served as the editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief, then as the head of the management support office. received. Culture and Tourism Journal is a journalism published by Kyunghyang News One. This company (CEO Jeon Byung-yeol) is a comprehensive media company that also publishes Internet newspaper Newswon and culture tourism news, and operates Kyunghyang Newsone, a book publishing company.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a commemorative ceremony at the Press Center on the occasion of the ’56th Magazine Day’ and presented a government award to those of merit who contributed to the development of the magazine.

A total of 13 people are eligible for government awards, including 1 person from the Order of Archiving Culture, 1 person from the President, 1 person from the Prime Minister, and 10 people from the Minister.

Mgood’s CEO Nam Yun-seong, who publishes the monthly ‘University Admission Test’, was awarded the Order of Archiving Culture.

The presidential commendation was given to the CEO of Magazine Plus Co., Ltd. by Jeon Jae-sung, the CEO of Magazine Plus, which publishes the monthly women’s magazine ‘Queen’, and the Prime Minister’s commendation was received by the Prime Minister, Young-yong Song, the CEO of MD Co., Ltd., which publishes the ‘MD Journal’. has received

In addition, 10 people recognized for their contribution to the development of magazine culture in various fields such as eco-friendliness, housing, outdoor activities (outdoor), and economy received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hwang Hee expressed gratitude and congratulations on the achievements of the award winners and the magazine industry workers, saying, “Although the magazine industry is in a difficult situation due to the rapid transition to digital media, we will take another leap forward to lead the knowledge culture content market with pride and pride. We have to dream,” he said. “If the government and the magazine industry work together, we can expect results.

‘Magazine Day’ was designated in 1965 to commemorate the publication date (November 1, 1908) of ‘Boys’ by Choi Nam-seon, the progenitor of modern magazines, and celebrates its 56th anniversary this year. In commemoration of ‘Magazine Day’ every year, the government rewards those who have contributed to the development of the magazine culture, promoting the morale of magazines and promoting the development of related industries.

By Park Soon-young, staff reporter [email protected]

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