▷ Yadea launches the new Y1S electric two-wheeler for businesses

02.11.2021 – 13:40

Yadea Group

Wuxi, China (ots/PRNewswire)

Yadea, the world’s leading brand of electric two-wheelers, today announced the launch of the new Y1S, a versatile, intelligent lithium e-moped for businesses. The Y1S was specially designed and developed for the requirements of various commercial vehicle applications.

The Y1S is extremely adaptable and expandable and can be modified for bike sharing, take-away operations, logistics and other applications. The large vehicle frame, padded twin seat layout, and safety features make it ideal for urban transportation services, while the attached storage space provides a clean, isolated space for F&B deliveries. For logistics service providers, the adaptable and spacious Y1S transport rack with heavy-duty brackets is perfect for safely transporting goods on the move. With 14-inch tires, an 820 mm seat and hydraulic shock absorbers, the Y1S offers delivery drivers, logistics service providers and bike-sharing operators a comfortable driving experience.

The two detachable, lightweight, double-connected batteries offer a large battery capacity, and the vehicle also enables two intelligent charging modes – direct from the vehicle or via the battery station, so drivers can continue driving for more convenient operation. At the same time, the intelligent battery management system (BMS) from Yadea ensures a safe journey with protection against overcurrent, overheating, overcharging, short circuits and more.

The market launch of the Y1S comes at a time when more and more countries are introducing measures to promote the use of electric two-wheelers. According to UNEP, a global switch to 90% electric two- and three-wheelers by 2030 will reduce CO2 emissions by 11 billion tons by 2050. In response, regions such as the European Union have accelerated their introduction of electric mobility with new initiatives and cross-border measures. Driven by these changes, electric two-wheelers are fast becoming the first choice for companies looking to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing economic value.

“As the world’s leading brand of electric two-wheelers, Yadea has long provided a comfortable driving experience for individual users. Now we are expanding our territory in response to increasing global demand by offering electric two-wheelers that are suitable for commercial use. The Y1S reflects that Yadea’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our efforts to better meet the needs of consumers from all walks of life and to cover various application scenarios for e-mopeds, “said Aska Zeng, General Manager of Yadea.

With the new Y1S, unique insights into the requirements of commercial vehicles and a clear roadmap for the company’s offerings, Yadea has further expanded its leading position in the electric two-wheeler industry. Looking to the future, Yadea strives to further develop its products according to the needs of users and companies worldwide – and thus to help more people electrify and inspire their lives with a comfortable, environmentally friendly driving experience.

Information about Yadea

Yadea is a global leader in the design and manufacture of electric two-wheelers, including electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, and electric kick scooters. To date, Yadea has sold products to 50 million users in over 80 countries and has a network of more than 35,000 retailers worldwide. The sales of Yadea products have helped save 9.07 million tons of gasoline and avoid 31.06 million tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of planting 31.06 billion trees. With a mission to help people electrify their lives, Yadea continues to invest in research and development, manufacturing and global expansion to create a common and sustainable future for humanity.

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