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02.11.2021 – 13:17

Yanida GmbH

Frankfurt am Main (ots)

Hardly any other cuisine is as diverse as the Asian one. Fresh and high-quality ingredients are the be-all and end-all here. In the Yanida Raunheim there is something else: the special ambience with a futuristic touch.

Some of the high-quality furnishings in the restaurant, which opened in Raunheim in mid-August, come directly from China. For operator Rudi Chen, it is important that his guests feel comfortable and that the ambience is just as authentic as the food itself. Round tables with the rotating trays that are common in Asian restaurants can therefore be found as well as meter-long aquariums, paintings on the walls or background music – but not brightly colored, but discreetly elegant. Comfortable upholstered furniture and armchairs in lounge style are more reminiscent of a living room than a restaurant with 500 seats. Feeling good is the order of the day. The outside terrace, which was specially built onto the building, was matched to this.

Robot brings food to the table

Have you ever been operated by a robot? No? The Yanida gives you this unique experience. And this is how it works: Numerous types of meat, fish and vegetables and a variety of spices can be put together at the service counter according to your own preferences. A cook prepares the dish live in front of the guests and the robot waiter brings it directly to the table. Bon Appetit!

Excellent service

But of course there are also “real” service staff in the Yanida. It advises on the choice of drinks or food for the dishes of the Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian cuisine and also takes all orders. Always friendly and with a smile on their faces, special requests are gladly fulfilled.

Sushi, duck and more

The wide variety of sushi and maki conjures a smile on the guests’ faces, because the Yanida has its own sushi chef who freshly prepares the rice rolls every day. The “All you can eat” buffet has countless variations – with salmon, seafood, seaweed, but also tofu and egg – to try. In general, the large buffet is a sin. The variety of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian cuisine is presented very pleasantly on very long buffet counters.

Sustainability is very important

The restaurant has a very laudable principle: “Gluttony is not a sin – throwing away food is.” The idea of ​​sustainability – leftover full plates are charged an extra three euros – is well received because the Yanida food turns into a taste experience.

Meetings and celebrations

The restaurant offers space for around 500 guests on 1,400 square meters. In addition to booths and smaller guest rooms, there is a hall with space for up to 200 guests. It is available as a conference room and for private celebrations. A 3 x 8 meter LED screen leaves nothing to be desired. It can be used for company presentations, film lectures or, for example, for karaoke performances.

A heart for little guests

Even the youngest get their money’s worth in the Yanida. Not just when eating. The children’s corner is generously equipped with a slide and other play equipment and makes the hearts of the little girls and boys beat faster. The parents can enjoy their meal in peace.

Technical gimmicks

A visit to the Yanida becomes an experience not least thanks to technical gimmicks. In addition to the robot waiter and LED screen, there are other futuristic elements. Among other things, a touchscreen mirror in the sanitary area. It can be used to dim the light and it even shows the room temperature.

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