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02.11.2021 – 14:46


Hamburg (ots)

  • In 2020, the share of women in the industry was only 7.6 percent
  • The rental car driver profession offers a safe, flexible and responsible workplace
  • wirfahren.de takes over the financing of 150 passenger transport tickets (“P-certificates”) for prospective drivers

Women drivers are still clearly in the minority in the rental car industry. According to representative survey by the opinion research institute Statista from 2020, the proportion of women in the professional group “drivers of vehicle and transport equipment” is only 7.6 percent. In the meantime, the job offers many advantages that women also benefit in particular: starting with flexible working hours, a security system that has now been considerably expanded through extensive technological measures, to fair pay. A prerequisite for starting a career is obtaining a driver’s license to transport passengers (passenger transport license / P-license).

the Car rental services initiative – wirfahren.de has long been committed to increasing the proportion of women in the industry and is now creating an additional incentive for women to strive for a job as a rental car driver: wirfahren.de finances the first 150 applicants who register at the e-mail address: [email protected], the P-Schein. This is required by law in order to be able to work as a rental car driver in Germany. The prerequisites are, among other things, the submission of a medical report, a vehicle driving license approved in the EU (at least 2 years old) and a police clearance certificate. The costs are around 200 euros.

“Just like in other transport sectors, the lack of qualified personnel is acute with us rental car companies. But despite attractive working conditions, too few women apply,” says Thomas Mohnke, spokesman for the Car rental initiative – wirfahren.de. “For many applicants, the cost of the P-permit is a hurdle. Therefore, as a rental car initiative, we want to make it easier to get started and take over the financing of 150 P-permits for applicants who contact us. Because we are convinced: Our jobs are also attractive to women. ”

Sara Loder, rental car driver in Munich: “I have been driving a rental car on the streets of Munich for more than two years and have become safer and calmer during this time. I have never had such profound but also funny conversations with a wide variety of people and I had strangers to me. That’s exactly why I don’t want to miss this job anymore and for the first time in my life I can actually say ‘I love my job’. ”

The endeavors to increase the diversity of drivers also met with approval from partners in the rental car initiative.

Ralf Rehder, rental car company in Hamburg: “Diversity and equal opportunities are crucial foundations for a modern service industry. This is the only way we can ensure the long-term demand for qualified workers.”

“We very much welcome the initiative of our partner companies and hope that the topic of diversity within the industry will come even more into focus,” says Christoph Weigler, Uber’s head of Germany. “Because we know from surveys of our app users that our diverse customers expect and appreciate the most diverse drivers possible.”

Press contact:

Thomas mohnke
Spokesman for the rental car services initiative – wirfahren.de
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 178 55 38 569

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