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▷ The next generation at the center of the FII’s 5th anniversary

02.11.2021 – 16:14

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute

Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA, March 23 / PRNewswire /

The fifth anniversary of the Future Investment Initiative closed with a session dedicated to building the next generation of leaders.

Led by Richard Attias, CEO of the FII Institute, the Board of the Future explored both the opportunities and challenges that the next generation faces – and will face – including social media, fake news, and the continued growth of technology and Innovation. Mr Attias said it is important that events like the FII remain relevant to the next generation and that they help build the board members of the future.

“It’s important to understand you,” he said to the panelists, “because over the past two and a half days a lot of the old guard like me have been speaking on stage trying to explain how the world should be and what we should be doing . But it’s important to give you a voice. You are not the next generation, you are the current generation. “

At the closing session, the emerging leaders discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the next generation and what they need from the global investing community to be successful. Reem Bin Saddik, Founder and CEO of Bin Saddik Consultancy, spoke about the importance of giving young people a voice and Marlene Ngoyi, Board member of Afrexim Bank PAPPS, added that diversity is key.

“When you have 20 men deciding the future of the world it’s frankly unacceptable and almost offensive to some of us. We need a more diverse group of people around the table to create a win-win situation for everyone.” argued Ms. Ngoyi.

Oliver Ripley, CEO and co-founder of Habitas, and the Saudi journalist Lama Alhamawi talked about life as a global citizen and networking via social media.

“I see a generation growing up today who are not defined by their nationality or profession, but by shared values ​​about how they want to live their lives. That is the change that is happening,” said Mr. Ripley.

Ms. Alhamawi, meanwhile, urged the FII community to “listen to the voices in the world and ask them what they need. If everyone just takes this step and does their part, incredible global change can take place.”

The session ended with an energetic song by the American artist AY Young, the founder of the 100% renewable energy Battery Tour, who urged audiences and virtual viewers to join forces to change the world.

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Information about the FII institute

The FII Institute is a global non-profit foundation with an investment line and an agenda: Making a Positive Impact on Humanity. We are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, promote the brightest minds and transform ideas into workable solutions in five focus areas: AI and robotics, education, healthcare and sustainability.

We are in the right place at the right time – in a phase in which decision-makers, investors and a committed generation of young people are full of ambition and energy for change. We bundle this energy into three pillars – THINK, XCHANGE, ACT – and invest in the innovations that make a difference worldwide.

5th anniversary of the FII

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, a global not-for-profit foundation with an agenda: A positive impact on humanity, hosted the 5th anniversary of the FII from October 26-28 under the motto “Investing in Humanity”. Bringing together world leaders, experts, innovators and media representatives, the three-day platform included interactive summits on Investing in Education, Investing in the Metaverse and Investing in Environment, Social Affairs and Governance (ESG).

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