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Terra Xpress

Power people: what makes them strong

Some people are not knocked out. They defy strokes of fate and illness, accomplish special achievements that seem unbelievable for their age. Where does your power come from?

Sophie Hauenherm is about to graduate from dance school when her legs are suddenly paralyzed. Forecast: You will never be able to walk again. But instead of accepting that, the 18-year-old dancer fights her way out of the wheelchair back onto the stage.

When the two-year-old Maddox Marsollek names multi-digit numbers, the parents are astonished. The seven-year-old now fills concert halls as a child prodigy on the grand piano. “Terra Xpress” asks: Are such talents arbitrarily given by nature, or does there have to be potential in the family? What sets Maddox apart from many other children: learning, practicing, improving – he doesn’t see any of this as an effort.

At 82, Ernö Cserhalmi is probably Germany’s oldest trainee geriatric nurse. His exams are coming up soon, and he’ll have to do some real work for that. But he really wants to make it. The 90-year-old runner Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel beat the current world record over 1500 meters by one minute in October 2021 and now holds eleven world records.

Unusual power people who get started at an age when most others want or have to take it slower. What is it all about – how big is the influence that you have on your physical and mental fitness?

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