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02.11.2021 – 14:05

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Cologne (ots)

In the current RTL / ntv trend barometer, the SPD comes to 25 percent in the Bundestag election, as in the previous week. The Union gains one percentage point and comes to 21 percent. The Greens and FDP each lose one percentage point and are currently 16 and 15 percent respectively. The values ​​for the left (5%) and the AfD (9%) remain unchanged. The other parties together could count on 9 percent (+ 1%) of the valid votes.

When it comes to the preference for chancellor, Olaf Scholz has slightly lost approval compared to the previous week (52%), but is still clearly ahead of Armin Laschet with 50 percent, for whom 8 percent would still choose. 42 percent of those eligible to vote (previous week: 40%) would not choose either of the two.

Future finance minister – Lindner (FDP) before Habeck (Greens)

On the sidelines of the current exploratory talks between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP to form a new federal government, discussions are already taking place about who should be the new federal finance minister in the future.

When asked who they consider to be more suitable for the office of Federal Minister of Finance, significantly more German citizens interviewed named Lindner (44%) than Habeck (29%) when it came to the alternative of Christian Lindner or Robert Habeck. Around every fourth respondent (27%) thinks neither Lindner nor Habeck is suitable for the office. Lindner scores especially with the Union supporters (65%). In addition, the men (51%) as well as the voters of the AfD (57%) and above all the FDP (75%) speak out in favor of Lindner. In addition to the voters of the Greens (60%), the voters of the SPD (46%) and the left (70%) speak out in favor of Habeck.

CDU chairmanship – Merz before Röttgen

When asked who of the candidates currently being discussed is best suited for the CDU chairmanship, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen are ahead. Of all the German citizens surveyed, 19 percent name Friedrich Merz, 17 percent Norbert Röttgen, 10 percent Jens Spahn, 9 percent Ralph Brinkhaus and 6 percent Carsten Linnemann. Almost four out of ten German citizens (39%), however, do not consider any of the named candidates to be a suitable CDU chairman.

Among the voters of the CDU, Friedrich Merz is with 29 percent ahead of Norbert Röttgen with 24 percent. Jens Spahn (7%), Ralph Brinkhaus (8%) and Carsten Linnemann (9%) are well behind among the CDU voters surveyed. Friedrich Merz also consider those who belong to the right-wing political spectrum (43%) and AfD voters (41%) to be the most suitable. Among the over 60-year-olds, approval for Merz is twice as high at 24 percent as among the under 30-year-olds, of whom only 12 percent consider it suitable. For half of the young voters under 30, none of the named candidates is generally suitable for the CDU chairmanship. Among the voters of the CDU, Friedrich Merz with 29 percent is just ahead of Norbert Röttgen with 24 percent. Almost a quarter (23%) of the CDU voters also do not consider any of the named candidates to be a suitable party chairman.

The majority of all respondents (59%) thinks that the CDU should elect the new party leader through a membership decision. 25 percent believe that the new CDU chairman should be elected at a party congress, as before. Of the CDU voters, 58 percent are in favor of electing the new party chairman by membership vote and 33 percent in favor of an election by a party congress.

Corona: Majority for continuation of the epidemic situation

Almost half of the German citizens (48%) are satisfied with the current crisis management of federal politics in connection with the corona pandemic. A similar number (51%) are less or not at all satisfied with this. The voters of the Union (63%), the SPD (54%) and the Greens (61%) are more satisfied with the Corona crisis management. Almost all of the AfD voters (88%) are not satisfied with the crisis management.

The future coalition parties SPD, Greens and FDP want to let the “epidemic situation” that has existed since the beginning of the Corona crisis expire at the end of November. Only a minority of the German citizens surveyed (38%) think that is correct. A majority of German citizens (56%), however, think it is wrong to let the “epidemic situation” expire at the end of November. Of the supporters of the future governing parties, supporters of the SPD (65%) and the Greens (60%) speak out with a large majority against an end to the “epidemic situation”, while supporters of the FDP (yes: 50%; no: 47 %) are divided on this issue.

The reports are free for publication with the source RTL / ntv Trendbarometer.

The data was collected by the market and opinion research institute forsa on behalf of RTL Germany from October 26th to November 1st, 2021. Database: 2,501 respondents. Statistical margin of error: +/- 2.5 percentage points. The data on the future finance minister, the future CDU party chairman and the corona crisis management as well as the “epidemic situation” were collected from October 28 to 29, 2021. Database: 1,000 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: +/- 3 percentage points.

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