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02.11.2021 – 20:00

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

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Two residents died in a retirement home in Salzwedel (Altmark) that did not take basic protective measures against corona. This is reported by the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung published in Halle (Wednesday edition). According to Salzwedel District Administrator Michael Ziche (CDU), 35 of the 45 home residents were infected with the virus.

According to Ziche, half of the nursing staff were unvaccinated, including the head of the facility. “The home manager reported to the pandemic staff last week and stated that he felt overwhelmed with the operation,” said Ziche. “Our employees also found that there were no hygiene products in the home.” Some of the nursing staff were also infected.

A similar case from Brandenburg became known last week. The outbreak in a home in Schorfheide on the Werbellinsee (Barnim district) cost the lives of eleven residents. Half of the employees there were also not vaccinated. The manager even re-entered the facility after a positive test result.

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