▷ Play 77 millionaire in the Düsseldorf area / big wins at LOTTO 6aus49 and SUPER 6

02.11.2021 – 12:02


Munster (ots)

On this weekend, several North Rhine-Westphalia had every reason to be happy: Four WestLotto customers were spot on with their tips and received six to seven-figure winnings.

Millionaire with game 77

The additional lottery Spiel 77 brought a lot of luck to a tipster from the Düsseldorf area. Together with another participant from Schleswig-Holstein, he had the winning numbers 2-3-2-5-3-0-9 on his ticket and thus hit the top winning rank. Both lucky guys will become millionaires with their hits and will each receive 1,077,777.00 euros.

Seven big wins at LOTTO 6aus49

Last Saturday (October 30th) the lottery numbers 6-11-15-31-42-45 and the super number 4 were drawn. The jackpot stopped again, but the second prize category resulted in a rain shower of half a million euros for seven lottery players. Here, too, there were hits in North Rhine-Westphalia: two tipsters from the Krefeld area and the Soest district each received 587,952.80 euros. The other lucky ones come from Lower Saxony, Hesse, Saxony and Baden-Württemberg (2x).

100,000 euros go to the Münster area

The additional lottery SUPER 6 brought a six-figure sum to a WestLotto customer from the Münster area. 100,000 euros will now be credited to his account. The same amount went to participants from Lower Saxony and Hesse (2x).

18 million euros

The jackpot at LOTTO 6aus49 will rise to 18 million euros for the next drawing on Wednesday (November 3rd). Participation is available in all WestLotto acceptance points as well as under www.westlotto.de possible.

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