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A year after its launch in 2020, Petal Search – a smart mobile search engine developed by Huawei that comes pre-installed on the brand’s new smartphones – has seen phenomenal success in the MEA region. According to Statcounter statistics, Petal Search is currently in the top 2 mobile search engines in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and in the top 3 mobile search engines in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Pakistan. The mobile search engine has seen staggering growth in key countries in the region – its market share has doubled in six countries in MEA, including Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia.

After Petal Search gained a foothold in the region, it continued to expand its reach and reached new milestones thanks to the support of the users.

Going Glocal: Huawei is constantly innovating to meet a region’s needs

Petal Search’s success stands or falls with user satisfaction, and new innovations are constantly being added to provide users in the MEA region with services that are tailored to their needs.

Huawei takes into account country-specific consumer restrictions when developing new features for Petal Search to make surfing as easy and intuitive as possible. In Asia and Africa, users have to deal with high traffic fees and low transmission speeds in the network.

In particular, the transmission of files such as music, pictures and videos over networks consumes a lot of data traffic, so there is a strong demand from users in these regions to take this into account. With the market launch of the Nova 8, Huawei’s Petal Search introduced streaming-free transmission and with this adaptation was soon able to record significantly increased user activity.

In addition, Petal Search offers convenient, user-centric features like one-stop download and scene sharing that allow consumers to download and quickly share their favorite apps through the search engine.

Petal Search goes global by adapting locally

Petal Search aims to expand globally by being primarily a local mobile search engine that, just like in the MEA region, is adapted to the unique environment and culture of each country.

Petal Search offers localized search for news content in Central and East Africa, as well as Automatic Push Scenarios (APS) that enable users to find out about the hottest sporting events like the Olympics, as well as significant national achievements like winning the first South Africa Medal in Tokyo to track the latest local news and important COVID-19 notifications.

In addition, the APS in the countries of Central and East Africa provide information on holidays, travel news and much more. Avid shoppers will be delighted that the APS also includes offers – with Petal Search they never have to worry about missing out on the best bargains. Sports fans can also be happy, because notifications about events such as cricket and soccer games are sent to them immediately with the APS.

In addition, the mobile search engine is constantly working on major adjustments to the homepage: It offers consumers the option of using an adaptation module to individually adapt the icons on the homepage to local websites in their countries.

Petal Search is committed to the safety and health of users

Petal Search uses cutting edge technology to protect customers. The APS provide detailed updates on COVID-19 at users’ locations in the MEA region, such as new cases, vaccinations and possible new waves of transmission, so users can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their surroundings.

The APS from Petal Search keep a cool head – in the truest sense of the word, because they notify users about the weather when particularly high temperatures are announced on site. In Kuwait, where temperatures are very high during heat waves, these notifications are activated to inform users of temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius.

If it looks like the temperature will rise above this level in the next 24 hours, Petal Search will automatically send a copy of a push notification advising everyone who is outdoors or those who are already out on the heat draws attention. A maximum of one copy of this notification can be sent daily so that the temperature warnings are current but not intrusive.

Petal Search continues to flourish

Huawei’s petal search, which puts the user first and develops innovations tailored to the specific needs of consumers, has successfully established itself in the MEA region and achieved spectacular results a year after its launch in 2020.

Petal Search’s user-centric innovations in overseas markets have grown in popularity quickly and brought the search engine breakthrough growth. With intelligent technology combined with local partnerships, Petal Search continues on its path towards the goal of becoming a global mobile search engine by operating locally in MEA.

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