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To enchant coffee lovers this holiday season, Nespresso is working with the Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz and is presenting an extraordinary holiday collection that celebrates the magic of the forest.

Inspired by the beauty and depth of the forests, the Nespresso “Gifts of the Forest” collection embodies the brand’s bond with the precious environment in which coffee is grown. The collection includes a range of limited editions of coffee for the original and the VERTUO system as well as festive accessories that make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

For the design of the limited collection, Nespresso has teamed up with the Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz. Her innovative designs and the interplay of nature and sustainability take coffee connoisseurs into the festive universe of Nespresso.

With the limited collection, Nespresso also wants to give something back to the forest. The brand goes beyond its commitment to agroforestry by helping protect 10 million trees in the Amazon.

“For me, design and nature go hand in hand, which is why this collaboration appealed to me personally. Colombian coffee has a very special place in my heart. As an active supporter in the fight against climate change, the knowledge that Nespresso was aware of its obligations in Another big reason this collaboration makes sense for me. When I designed the collection, I wanted to capture the beauty of the forest in each piece by incorporating lush tree tops and dark earth tones into my designs amazing process and a partnership that I really enjoyed, “said Johanna Ortiz.

Discover the festive limited edition coffees

From forest fruits to lush tree tops, this year’s Festive Limited Edition includes two flavored coffees and one black coffee.

For original

Discover the hidden flavors of Forest Black

The canopy of the tree protects the Forest Black coffees in order to preserve the aromas hidden in each bean. Discover a mix of shady coffees from Colombia and other countries. The spicy espresso with its exotic wood notes takes you into the depths of the forest.

Taste the berries of the forest with Forest Fruit Flavor

Like precious gemstones that illuminate the forest floor, forest fruits are the gifts the trees give us. Juicy berry aromas permeate the flavored espresso this season, while the lingering grain character of the South American arabica takes on a festive, sweet note of biscuits.

Delight in the treasures of the trees with Forest Almond Flavor

The forest almond aroma is our seasonal gourmet treat. With the sweet, nutty taste that is hidden in the South American arabica of this espresso, you will discover almond notes accompanied by vanilla and a light fruitiness in the soft grain character of this coffee.


Discover lush canopy and complex aromas with Forest Black

The Forest Black Arabicas from Colombia and other countries grow in the protective shade of a lush canopy of leaves that protects the aroma hidden in each bean. Experience the seductive spice and grain notes of this coffee amid exotic wood aromas that celebrate the magic and timelessness of the forest.

Enjoy juicy berry and sweet pastry notes with Forest Fruit Flavor

Forest Fruit Flavor celebrates a wonderful color explosion with a coffee whose taste is reminiscent of the precious treasures of the forest floor – bushes full of ripe berries ready to be picked. This festively flavored coffee combines the same juicy berry flavors in a gentle mix of grains based on Latin American and African arabica.

Discover a treasure chest full of flavors with Forest Almond Flavor

Gifts from trees are no small thing and the forest gives us in abundance. Forest Almond Flavor celebrates both the harvest the forest brings us and the delicious and complex nutty flavors found in many of the high quality coffees in the coffee belt. The grainy character of this Latin American and African Arabica blend is an ode to harvest time.

Give “Gifts of the Forest” with the limited accessories from Nespresso

Nespresso is also offering a range of limited-edition accessories and gifts this Christmas season with which you can surprise your loved ones.

A stylish countdown with the Nespresso x Johanna Ortiz advent calendar

To kick off and get in the mood for this year’s festive season, Nespresso is bringing back its coveted Advent calendar. For this edition, the stunning packaging was designed by Johanna Ortiz as part of their festive collaboration. This year’s Advent calendar is available for both VERTUO and original coffee lovers and will guide Nespresso fans through a different coffee every day from December 1st to December 23rd. A very special present awaits you on December 24th.

Bring color into play with the Nespresso x Johanna Ortiz NOMAD Travel Mug

If you want to experience the Festive Limited Edition in nature, you can give friends and family the new NOMAD Travel Mug from Nespresso. As part of the collaboration with Johanna Ortiz, the Travel Mug in the color “Deep Cherry” is reminiscent of the rich, ripe berries of the forest.

Experience the Festive Limited Edition with exclusive Nespresso cocktails

Nespresso lovers will be able to surprise their guests with delicious Festive Limited Edition coffee cocktail recipes specially developed to enhance the sensory experience. Every recipe is put together by Nespresso with a view to the Festive Limited Edition collection and brings a touch of nature and sophistication to every glass. Find out more about this shortly.

A gift to the forest

Nespresso is proud to partner with Conservation International to give back to the forests this Christmas season. For nearly 20 years, Nespresso has focused on protecting nature through agroforestry projects to protect the ecosystems that coffee farms rely on. To go beyond coffee growing and support the local communities that call the forest home, Nespresso is also announcing its contribution to protecting 10 million trees in the Amazon forest in La Pedrera, Colombia. This is done in collaboration with Conservation International and the Madroño community of La Pedrera. Protecting forests plays a huge role in Nespresso’s sustainability vision, which is to create a cup of coffee that has a positive impact on the world – from the coffee cherry to the cup.

The limited products of the “Gifts of the Forest” collection are now on www.nespresso.com and available in selected boutiques.

About Nestlé Nespresso TO

Nestlé NespressoSA is a global pioneer and reference in the area of ​​high-quality portioned coffee. As part of the AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program, the company works with over 120,000 coffee farmers in 15 countries to introduce sustainable practices in their farms and the surrounding landscapes. The program was founded in 2003 in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance and helps to increase yields and the quality of crops, thus ensuring a sustainable supply of high-quality coffee and improving the standard of living of coffee farmers and their communities.

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the company operates in 82 countries and employs over 13,900 people. In 2020, the global network comprised 816 exclusive boutiques. For more information, please visit the Nestlé corporate website Nespresso under https://www.nestle-nespresso.com/

About Johanna Ortiz

Johanna Ortiz was founded in Cali, Colombia in 2003 and is a global luxury lifestyle brand. The brand is sold by leading retailers in more than 17 countries and now includes collections for ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, swimwear and tableware.

Headquartered in Cali, Colombia, Johanna Ortiz has built a foundation for longevity through her commitment to the community and purpose. It has linked growth with a strategy by developing a state-of-the-art atelier to ensure the preservation of craft knowledge, traditional techniques and cultural heritage. The Johanna Ortiz family today consists of over 360 people who take great pride in local production, job creation and the advancement of women and Colombian artisans.

In 2017 Johanna Ortiz launched the “Escuela Johanna Ortiz”, a training program that offers free courses for professional seamstresses and high-quality embroidery. More than 60 women have completed this program and while there is no obligation to work at Ortiz, most do.

In spring 2020, Johanna Ortiz worked with H&M to distribute a capsule collection of her designs to women around the world. This collection not only celebrated women of all shapes and sizes in over 73 countries around the world, but it was also the retail giant’s first ever collaboration with a Latin American designer.

These initiatives have earned Ortiz invitations to the White House and the United Nations and earned it a coveted spot in the Business of Fashion’s 500: an index of the people who shape the global fashion industry.

As the global ambassador of the Colombian style, she will continue to bring “South American tastes” to women around the world. www.johannaortiz.com

About Conservation International

Conservation International is committed to protecting the crucial benefits that nature offers people. Through science, partnerships and field work, Conservation International drives innovations and investments in nature-based solutions for the climate crisis, supports the protection of critical habitats and promotes economic development based on the protection of nature. Working in 30 countries around the world, Conservation International helps societies at all levels create a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet. Follow Conservation International’s work on Conservation News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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