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  • The crowdsourcing initiative in partnership with Oxford University Saïd Business School has inspired 10,319 women in 88 countries to a powerful call for systematic change
  • The new report provides practical recommendations on how to break down barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential
  • Victoria Mars speaks of a “powerful instrument of change” and calls on all companies to act

The results of the global listening study #HereToBeHeard from Mars, Incorporated. The goal: to strengthen the voices of women across all borders to create a more inclusive world. The new report comes at a time when the effects of Covid-19 on women are starting the march for equality by 136 years [1] have thrown back and wants to promote gender equality measures.

In just three months, 10,319 women from 88 countries took part in the crowdsourcing initiative. The focus was on the following question: What needs to change so that more women can reach their full potential? Mars had the participants’ responses examined by a team of researchers from the Future of Marketing Initiative at Oxford University Saïd Business School and external qualitative analysts. Using a combination of machine learning and network analysis, the team at Oxford identified 28 topics, which were qualitatively grouped into the eight priority areas cited most frequently by women:

1. An end to systemic discrimination and harmful gender stereotypes (80%)

2. Same career opportunities (79%)

3. More decision-making power (65%)

4. Support as parents (30%)

5. Better work-life balance (26%)

6.Equal learning (24%)

7. Mental and physical well-being (19%)

8. An end to gender-based harassment and violence (15%)

Most notably, 71% of women emphasized that men play a crucial role – either as allies in solutions or as obstacles to progress.

The result is a contemporary, inspiring report that challenges society as a whole to listen, learn and do more to achieve gender equality. The study is part of the Mars Full Potential Plattformwhich measures to achieve this goal.

Stefanie Straub, Vice President & General Counsel, Mars, Incorporated, commented, “#HereToBeHeard already has a profound impact on how we use our size and influence as a global company to create sustainable, positive change for all women. We at Mars will do our part. The report shows how we do Being able to focus our actions for a fairer, more inclusive environment. We use the data and the recommendations of the experts to plan our next steps, priorities and investments. The message is loud and clear – it is up to us all to move forward and 10,000 votes to help them achieve their full potential. ”

What companies and others can do

Globally, the pandemic has had a devastating impact on the female workforce, sparking a “she-cession” that has cost 64 million jobs and at least $ 800 billion in income – equivalent to the GDP of 98 countries [2]. This massive drain of talent and potential represents both a tragic loss and an undeniable social responsibility for the economy to lead the recovery by giving women more opportunities to flourish.

Based on the most important results of #HeretoBeHeard, BSR has developed eight practical recommendations in consultation with gender experts from the Unstereotype Alliance, which were convened by UN Women, CARE and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media should help to remove barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential (more on this under www.mars.com/heretobeheard).

The following anonymous statements are examples of the two most frequently addressed topics and thus the first two recommendations of the study:

“We need a new system: one in which women are seen as strong, respected and with the same skills as everyone else, without prejudice. We need different options for every woman, including transgender, indigenous, immigrant and single mothers. “ – Mexico, 18-24 years old, self-employed, mixed ethnicity, bisexual.

Many of the women indicated that patriarchal systems and norms that permeate politics, sport, work, education, family and social life need to be addressed. They stressed the need to change the way society views the strengths and capabilities of women, and recognized that both women and men have a role to play in changing that mentality. Early career women between the ages of 18 and 24 mentioned this issue the most frequently (87%), as did women in the UK (84%) and the US (87%).

“Expectations of career development in higher positions need to change in order to give women the space to develop their careers alongside their personal ambitions.” – France, 45-54 years old, full-time, heterosexual.

It is crucial to break through the “glass ceiling” and “create the same conditions”. The women called for government and company-led initiatives to drive this change, including the importance of mentors and sponsors along the way. The gender pay gap was mentioned as frequently as its negative financial impact on women and their families. Women from all regions and backgrounds responded to the issue, particularly Hispanic and Latina women (88%).

Going forward, Mars will use the findings from the # HereToBeHeard study – which includes more than 1,200 votes from Mars employees – to introduce new policies and measures to serve 2020 Full Potential Plattform to develop and implement. Since then, Mars has taken a number of steps to improve opportunities for women in the workplace, in the procurement communities, and in the marketplace. The company has confirmed gender equality for its 133,000 employees worldwide, half of whom are women. One of the goals of Mars is to create 100% balanced management teams [3]. In the first year the company made considerable progress and increased the quota from 43% to 50%.

Victoria Mars, Family Member and Ambassador of Mars’ Full Potential Program: “We’ve heard from women from around the world who shared their stories, ideas, ambitions, and frustrations with us. It’s a simple question, but the depth and breadth of the answers have been insightful, challenging, and moving. Companies need their input to make a difference. Mars remains deeply committed to this work and we encourage companies, governments and other civil society partners to step up their action and invest where it matters most. May the 10,000 Votes be a powerful tool be for change “.

The # HereToBeHeard report is under www.mars.com/heretobeheard available for download.


#HereToBeHeard is a global campaign by Mars, Incorporated to drive change in gender inequality in support of the UN’s fifth goal of sustainable development. She is part of Full Potential, the Mars platform for gender action that aims to empower women and bridge the gender gap in the places we work, in the communities we source our ingredients from, and in the way we design our advertising. For more information on BSR’s # HereToBeHeard report and an update on the Mars Full Potential Platform, visit mars.com/heretobeheard. All women who participated in the # HereToBeHeard study gave their consent to the use of their written and recorded responses.


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[1] https://ots.de/U6hlao

[2] https://ots.de/IzcaOe

[3] A balanced gender ratio is defined as 40 – 60% of one gender in management teams with more than 5 employees

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