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02.11.2021 – 06:00

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Just a few months ago, the “republic” had no one on the list. Many competitors viewed the online medium as an ambitious but highly problematic company. An over-idealistic start-up that demanded too much from its editors and repeatedly asked for money in big words from subscribers, also known as publishers. At the beginning of 2020, a survival campaign ran with a clear statement: 19,000 supporters by March – or we will deal with it. It seemed like the dream was as good as over.

Miriam Walther has been the managing director of the “Republik” since October 2018. The year 2020 was her baptism of fire. Today everything looks different. The “Republic” has 29,277 memberships and subscriptions (as of October 17, 2021). That is 2,000 more than would be necessary to support yourself and to employ the more than 60 editors, reporters, developers, proofreaders, community managers, columnists and designers. The “Republic” recorded a profit of 1.1 million francs this year. A moment of hope in an industry that has mainly known bad news for years. The woman behind this success? Until recently, she was touring the world as a theater director and production manager. She came to the “Republic” because she wanted something quieter. A part-time job. Shortly afterwards she was the managing director. And then went her very own way.

The industry magazine “Schweizer Journalist: in” honors Miriam Walther as “Media Manager of the Year” for her achievements in this direction. This award is given annually to a manager in Swiss media management who creates the economic basis for journalism through their work. “Good journalism absolutely needs good management. We want to make this clear with this award and thus appreciate the work of exceptional media managers,” explains “Journalist” publisher Johann Oberauer.

This year the jury for the media manager included the former media manager Caroline Thoma, Eva Hirschi, managing director of investigativ.ch, media journalist Dennis Bühler, publisher Johann Oberauer and the editors-in-chief Samantha Zaugg and Charlotte Theile. Dennis Bühler, who reports from the Bundeshaus for the “Republic”, went on strike when deciding on Miriam Walther.

You can find out more about Miriam Walther in the current issue of “Schweizer Journalist: in”, which was published on November 2nd and is available either directly from Medienfachverlag Oberauer, online in the publisher’s shop or is available at the iKiosk.

The media manager of the year in Switzerland

Hall of Fame

2006 Peter Wanner, AZ Media

2007 Théo Bouchat, Edipresse

2008 Ralph Büchi, Springer

2009 Pietro Supino und Martin Kall, Tamedia

2010 Valérie Boagno, “Le Temps”

2011 Albert Polo Stäheli, NZZ Group

2012 Christoph Bauer, AZ Media

2013 Norbert Neininger, “Schaffhauser Nachrichten”

2014 Michael Ringier, Ringier

2015 Marcel Kohler, “20 minutes”

2016 Christoph Tonini, Tamedia

2017 Dominik Kaiser, TV 3+

2018 Peter Wanner, CH Media

2019 Simonetta Sommaruga, Minister of Media

2020 Nathalie Wappler, SRF

2021 Miriam Walther, “Republic”

Press contact:

Charlotte Theile, Editor-in-Chief “Schweizer Journalist: in”, Tel. +41 (0) 78 244 2411

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