▷ MEP Liese (EPP) warns of a revision of the nuclear phase-out

02.11.2021 – 11:07


Bonn / Meschede (ots)

The MEP Peter Liese (EPP) has clearly criticized a possible revision of the nuclear phase-out in Germany. He considers such a debate to be misguided and is “very, very skeptical” of it. “Renewables are the future and not nuclear energy,” Liese appealed in an interview with Phoenix. “Nuclear energy is not safe energy. Even the operators who are currently still operating nuclear power plants in Germany say: We can’t just switch it over and say we won’t get out next year. There are a lot of technical things necessary to do that to be able to continue to operate reasonably safely “, explained the environmental policy spokesman for the EPP Group. New nuclear power plants are nowhere else in the world. Much is said about it, but with the exception of China none has been put into operation. Liese does not see nuclear power as a supplementary energy source to electricity from wind, hydropower and photovoltaics. “We need flexible solutions for renewables, and a nuclear power plant can only be switched on and off very, very slowly.”

Liese accuses politicians of not having responded to the warnings in good time: “Everything that is currently being discussed on climate protection is too late. We would be completely different if we had listened to science 20, 25 years ago and Renewable energies, energy efficiency have been better developed and the forests have better protected “, warned Liese, but admitted at the same time:” Nevertheless – better late than never. ” The protection of the forest is an important element. “Because forests store CO2, and deforestation accelerates climate change.” Liese pleaded for the countries that had rainforest to be provided with financial means “so that people earn their income differently and not through the deforestation of the rainforest”.

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