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02.11.2021 – 12:17

German Adult Education Association

Bonn / Marl (ots)

The corona crisis has favored the spread of conspiracy narratives. In view of complex and controversially discussed topics, falsely simplified explanatory models seem particularly tempting to many people. They can quickly gain reach via digital channels and solidify in filter bubbles. Adult education centers want to counteract this trend with targeted media education, especially for young people. On behalf of the Central Office for Political Youth Education of the German Adult Education Association (DVV), the Grimme Academy has now developed learning materials and a suitable course concept. The module box is now available free of charge.

“Conspiracy stories have not just been around since Corona,” says DVV director Julia von Westerholt. “But the Corona crisis made the danger particularly clear to us: Conspiracy narratives systematically ignore rational arguments. This polarizes and endangers social cohesion. Political media education explains this and strengthens critical judgment.”

“Conspiracy stories have become a challenge for our democracy, we all still remember the pictures of the ‘Storming of the Reichstag’ from last year,” said Grimme Director Dr. Frauke Gerlach. It must be clear to all of us that young people and young adults are also confronted with conspiracy stories – especially on the Internet – which is why offers such as “Media education for young people and young adults. Reacting to conspiracy stories” seem more necessary than ever. At the same time, it becomes clear how the Grimme Institute works: “From theory to practice in media education,” continues Gerlach.

Like the module box “Political media education for young people. Reacting to hate speech and fake news” and the associated course concept, the new offer is aimed particularly, but not exclusively, at multipliers who work with young target groups. The materials are individually adaptable and can therefore be used in different course formats and with various target groups. The materials are of good quality and make it easier for specialists to prepare offers in this subject area. “We are thus continuing our successful collaboration with the Grimme Institute,” says von Westerholt with pleasure. And Gerlach adds: “In this way the Grimme Institute can make its theoretical expertise available for practical media education.”

The materials developed by the Grimme Academy on behalf of the German Adult Education Association can be obtained from:


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