▷ Justus: Chimney stove Dias – wide design, great variety and great enjoyment

02.11.2021 – 10:45


Haiger (ots)

Four original types form a unique quartet that is a lot of fun thanks to its design and technology. What is meant is Justus’ slide, which is available in different versions. You can choose from the wall-mounted version, which looks like a fiery painting. Or with a stand, which is reminiscent of a television and features the dance of the flames in the main program. The third in the group is equipped with an open metal box at the bottom, in which the logs find a decorative place. And for all fans of unusual design ideas, the combination of firebox and legs made of beech wood is ideal.

Extra space for large billets

The emphatically rectangular architecture of the black steel body sets distinctive accents in every apartment. The extra-wide firebox can be equipped with logs up to 50 centimeters long. This has two advantages over most ovens that are only designed for 33 centimeter pieces. On the one hand, you are much more flexible when sawing and splitting, because you don’t have to pay too much attention to the exact size. And on the other hand, the panorama pane skilfully stages the blazing flames of the large logs. This ensures an enjoyable view and a cozy atmosphere.

Know-how at all levels

Technically, the Dias impresses with its energy efficiency class A. With a nominal heat output of 6.5 kW, it is designed for medium-sized rooms. The special triple air system ensures an appropriately dosed air supply and thus a clean combustion. The tried and tested 2-point locking ensures that the door closes reliably. In addition, there is an external combustion air connection, which makes the stove ideal for modern houses with an airtight outer shell and controlled living space ventilation. And since all versions are based on the same combustion chamber, you can fully concentrate on the design when choosing from the quartet. More information and details under www.justus.de

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