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02.11.2021 – 12:32

Association of German Tree Nurseries (BdB) eV

Berlin (ots)

Video shows examples of green cities from 13 EU countries

Innovative examples of urban green spaces from 13 EU countries are combined in one Video which will be published as part of the Green Cities Europe campaign. The aim is to provide inspiration for greener cities in Europe.

The video shows that by 2050, around 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. This means that in the future competition for every square meter of space for both new buildings and green spaces will intensify. For many people in the cities, this urban nature will often be the only opportunity to experience nature and greenery in everyday life. It is therefore crucial that green urban natural spaces are created in the growing cities.

In addition to improving the well-being of city dwellers, the green spaces, trees and parks also help to reduce the effects of climate change, extreme rainfall, rising temperatures and the loss of biodiversity. There are many good reasons to create more green spaces in cities in order to prevent climate change and adapt to it.

For example, the video shows how a piece of wasteland was turned into a beautiful park in Bulgaria, which increases social well-being and helps to cool the city down. An example from Sweden shows sustainable urban development of the future and from the Netherlands it can be seen how green spaces in the city can be efficiently optimized by using roofs for greening – and from Denmark it is shown how gray infrastructure at Sankt Kjelds Platz in Copenhagen turned green urban spaces with natural flood protection from extreme rain.

More and better urban nature

All participating countries in the “More Green Cities for Europe” campaign have received the proposal developed in Denmark for the so-called Green Norm, which presents ten methods for creating more and better urban nature.

The European Nurserystock Association (ENA), which is behind the campaign, decided to translate the Danish proposal into English in early 2021 – and it is now part of an effort to make cities greener in Denmark and the other 12 participating countries.

The European Green Cities Award also presents projects from the 13 participating countries. Each country has submitted a project to the competition – the projects will be evaluated by an international jury and the internationally awarded project will be announced on December 8th at an award ceremony.

For example, 13 countries in Europe focus both collectively and individually on the importance of greener cities.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/GuH3OVuyraQ

About “More Green Cities for Europe”

The campaign “More green cities for Europe” was initiated by the European nursery association ENA (European Nurserystock Association) and is the follow-up campaign of “Green cities for a sustainable Europe”, which was carried out from 2018 to 2020. Its aim is to inspire municipal decision-makers, city planners, landscape architects and gardeners and landscapers for green urban development. In Germany, the campaign is carried out by the Association of German Tree Nurseries (BdB) eV. The BdB represents Germany as one of thirteen participating countries alongside Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Sweden.

Via the Federation of German Tree Nurseries (BdB) eV

The Federation of German Tree Nurseries (BdB) eV is the professional association and interest group for tree nurseries. As a representative of the around 900 affiliated companies, the BdB has the task of strengthening the tree nursery industry internally and externally, making it competitive and keeping it competitive. The branch currently cultivates woody plants on 20,000 hectares with an annual production value of 1 billion euros. At the state level, the BdB is divided into 14 state associations, in which, for the most part, small and medium-sized tree nursery companies are organized. The companies unite under the slogan of the branch “Green is life – tree nurseries create life”. Since 1993, the BdB, together with other horticultural associations, has been a partner in the German Federal Horticultural Show Society (DBG) and is involved in the planning and implementation of federal horticultural shows (BUGAs) and international horticultural exhibitions (IGAs).

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