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Andreas Bartels, Head of Group Communications at Deutsche Lufthansa, is “PR Manager of the Year 2021”. With this award, prmagazin recognizes the exceptional achievements of a communications professional every year.

Bartels receives the award for the highly professional crisis communication during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the internal and external strategy of corporate communication from the Corona crisis.

Particularly noteworthy in this context is his binding communication on all aspects of government aid worth billions after the airline’s business collapsed almost completely due to global travel restrictions. At that time Lufthansa lost one million euros an hour at times because more than 90 percent of the aircraft were on the ground.

Internally, Bartels had to support massive cost savings as a result of the crisis, including large-scale job cuts. After the outbreak of the pandemic in spring 2020, Lufthansa reduced the number of its employees from 140,000 to 110,000 worldwide within just twelve months. In the spring of 2021, the company announced that it would cut around 10,000 more full-time positions in Germany through voluntary departures and part-time solutions, or cut personnel costs to a comparable extent.

The fact that Lufthansa emerged from this unprecedented crisis without irreparable damage to its stakeholders’ reputation is also due to the company’s reliable communication under the leadership of Andreas Bartels.

Bartels has worked for Deutsche Lufthansa for almost 15 years. In 2007, the now 51-year-old joined the group as Head of Media Relations. In 2011 he took over the communications management for the core area of ​​the Lufthansa airline. In 2014 he was reappointed Head of Media Relations for the group.

In this role, Bartels accompanied a far-reaching restructuring of the group, in the course of which various waves of strikes had to be dealt with in a communicative manner. In Lufthansa’s most difficult days, after an Airbus A320 belonging to the Germanwings subsidiary crashed in the French Alps, the company’s crisis communications received great international recognition. According to the investigation report, the co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525 deliberately caused the crash on March 24, 2015. In April 2016, Bartels was promoted to Head of Group Communications.

Before starting at Lufthansa, the media scientist worked in finance. He started in 1997 as a consultant for internal communication and press spokesman at the Lower Saxony Savings Banks and Giro Association in Hanover. In 2000 he moved on to Comdirect Bank (Quickborn near Hamburg), where he acted as Public Relations Manager and Press Spokesman.

In 2002 he switched to Deutsche Bank. At the Frankfurt company, Bartels initially worked as Director Communications and press spokesman, and from 2004 as Head of Media Relations and press spokesman for the private customer division.

The jury for the “PR Manager of the Year” includes not only the editor-in-chief of prmagazin, Katharina Skibowski and Thomas Rommerskirchen, but also the previous winners of the seismograph: Horst Borghs, Anton Hunger, Eva-Maria Geiblinger, Dieter Schweer, Klaus Walther, Andreas Fritzenkötter , Hartmut Schick, Christian Kullmann, Richard Gaul, Harry Roegner, Thomas Ellerbeck, Oliver Schumacher, Martin Brüning, Maximilian Schöberl, Christine Graeff, Stephan Grühsem, Ulrich Ott, Michael Preuss, Christof Ehrhart and Christoph Sieder.

The award – a symbolic seismograph – will be presented in early summer 2022 as part of a celebration at Verlag Rommerskirchen, where Carsten Spohr, CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa, will give the laudatory speech.

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