▷ Gang of criminals lands coup: The tank crackers are turning 70!

02.11.2021 – 09:42

Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH

Berlin (ots)

The tank crackers have been up to mischief in Duckburg for more than 70 years. In November 1951 the legendary duck draftsman Carl Barks gave the tank crackers their first appearance. It was issue 134 of the US series “Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories”. Since then, the unshaven gang of criminals in the red turtleneck sweaters has had one big goal: storming Dagobert Duck’s money store and his fantastic billions.

An anniversary that doesn’t just want to be celebrated underground, but with three publications at Egmont Ehapa. This allows fans to have the criminal reading party at home in the burglar-proof living room.

In the LTB Duck Edition Volume 72 “The Art of Cracking”, the tank crackers are in constant use on 336 pages. Immediately before the decisive breakthrough and the really big coup, they end up behind bars with regular pauses for thought. The LTB duck edition (EUR 7.99) will be available in stores from November 5th.

In Walt Disney Lustiges Taschenbuch (LTB) No. 552 “70 Years of Panzerknacker” the crooks try to plunder Dagobert Duck’s money store. A permanent challenge for Duckburg’s model criminals. From November 9th, LTB No. 552 “70 Years of Panzerknacker” (EUR 6.99) will be in stores and in the www.egmont-shop.de available. In addition to the breathtaking adventures of the crooks, there are ten other stories from the Duckburg cosmos.

The Egmont Comic Collection will also be celebrating 70 years full of bankruptcies, coups and break-ins with a hardcover edition from November 3rd. The anniversary volume “70 years of Panzerknacker” (ISBN 978-3-7704-0195-6, 25.00 EUR) presents a selection of the “best” deeds of Duckburg’s most lovable would-be millionaires by well-known star illustrators, including first German publications.

For reading PDFs, review copies and raffle copies for the 70th anniversary of the tank crackers, please contact the press contact.

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