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02.11.2021 – 14:28

Freie Ärzteschaft eV

Berlin (ots)

The German Medical Association sharply criticizes the introduction of the telematics infrastructure (TI). With massive pressure, something is being pressed into the health system that is neither practical nor safe or that improves health care in Germany, complained numerous doctors on the first day of yesterday’s meeting of the German Medical Association. Wieland Dietrich, Chairman of the Free Medical Association (FÄ) and delegate, emphasizes: “Practicability, safety and benefits are simply not there. The introduction of the TI in its current form is not only amateurish, but also dangerous.” The medical profession is therefore urgently calling for a moratorium, said Dietrich on Tuesday in Berlin.

The President of the German Medical Association, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, called on the future federal government to impose a moratorium on the TI. There were reports from the medical profession about massive technical problems with the TI in the doctor’s offices, which hindered the workflow and put a heavy strain on the staff. The medical profession has been warning against such developments for years, especially with regard to security risks and immature applications such as electronic incapacity certificates, electronic prescriptions and electronic patient files. “In a badly made system of telematic networking, we are no longer in control of the situation – clinics and practices are also being hacked,” explains the FÄ boss. “The Federal Office for Information Security expressly warns against hacking, blackmail and data abuse in the healthcare sector.”

The medical profession is particularly critical of the inadequate testing of the TI and its applications. They are not ready for the market at all, doctors’ practices, clinics and patients would now have to serve as guinea pigs for the introduction of the TI. “That is irresponsible because it hinders and damages medical care,” emphasizes Dietrich. “The future federal government must turn back the screw that the outgoing Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has turned far too far and first carefully check and test the telematic applications.” The doctors also demand that medical expertise and the actual requirements of the base be included. The FÄ boss makes it clear: “We are the ones who should work with it in clinics and practices. Who could know better than us what is required for functioning work processes – the very different needs in the health care facilities must also be taken into account. ” In addition, doctors have a duty of confidentiality and care must be taken to ensure the highest level of security for patient data.

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