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02.11.2021 – 04:15

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Introduction: The world is becoming more and more digital and many devices are now so small that they can be worn on the wrist. Petra Terdenge will tell you what these so-called “wearables” can now do:

Speaker: More than 13 million people in Germany have a smartwatch or they own a fitness tracker. Such a device is – as the name suggests – particularly suitable for sport, says Kai Klindt from der pharmacy magazine:

O-Ton Kai Klindt 16 sec.

“These devices concentrate on pulse, pace and other fitness values, for example calorie consumption. They also have an additional advantage: they are significantly lighter than a smartwatch and cheaper. There are usually good models for well under a hundred euros. “

Narrator: Most fitness trackers and smartwatches are waterproof. But when swimming, they often provide no or only imprecise values. Therefore, in this case, it is worth digging a little deeper into your pocket:

O-Ton Kai Klindt 17 sec.

“If you want a device specifically for water sports, it makes sense to choose a smartwatch that takes into account the movement during swimming, i.e. this rotation, the rotation of the arms, and also measures it. And that is often done by more expensive models, so-called Multi-sport smartwatches. “

Narrator: Some smartwatches can measure values ​​such as blood pressure or heartbeat, and in some cases they even create a simple EKG. We can use this for our health:

O-Ton Kai Klindt 13 sec.

“For the chronically ill, especially for people with heart disease, it can of course be useful to support and accompany the therapy with these functions. However, you should always discuss it with the doctor in order to be able to interpret the values ​​correctly.”

Abmoderation: Smartwatches and fitness trackers can help bring more exercise into everyday life, writes the pharmacy magazine. Another advantage: If we are active again after a long break, the devices can help us to develop a feeling for the strain during sport.

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