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02.11.2021 – 13:35

rbb – Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

* Correction in title and lead sentence *

The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach believes that nursing staff will only be required to be vaccinated if the nationwide number of unvaccinated workers in nursing facilities is too high.

“If the quota is too high and we see more outbreaks, then we actually have to consider whether we should introduce a compulsory vaccination there,” Lauterbach said on Tuesday in the ARD-Mittagsmagazin. In order to consider such a decision, however, precise vaccination quotas from the facilities would have to be available nationwide. “At the moment we do not know whether many employees in care facilities are actually not vaccinated,” said the SPD politician: “I still assume that it can only be a small percentage.”

Regarding the most recent Corona outbreak in a senior citizens’ home in Schorfheide am Werbellinsee in Brandenburg with at least eleven dead, Lauterbach said: “At the moment, we are assuming that the case in Brandenburg was an isolated incident.” In the affected facility, only around half of the nurses were reportedly vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Lauterbach continues to reject a general compulsory vaccination among nursing staff in retirement homes: “We have made the promise that we do not work with a mandatory vaccination, we should also adhere to it. Instead, we should appeal that all employees in a retirement home are also vaccinated . ” In addition, visitors to the facilities would have to be tested and the staff in the facilities had to be given a booster.

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