▷ Confused picture / comment from Monika Nellessen about the booster vaccination

02.11.2021 – 17:48

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

The learning progress has not occurred. Politics and medicine also seem confused in the second Corona autumn. The acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn and his country colleagues, but also the medical professional organizations, do not give a clear answer as to how we can best arm ourselves against the still dangerous pandemic. It almost seems like the possibility of a booster vaccination fell from the sky. Of course, the scientific picture of the actual use of the “booster” is constantly increasing. But there should have been a strategy for distributing it long ago: First, those who need such a third vaccination most urgently, i.e. the elderly and particularly vulnerable, should have their turn, then everyone else who wants to be vaccinated, preferably with their own doctor Trust. With their lack of plan in the fight against the pandemic, those responsible are squandering a lot of trust. But it is also true that the vaccination protection of the general population, despite the “booster” this winter, will by no means be sufficient to move around carefree in crowds. A stubborn minority rejects all vaccination offers. Neither the carrot nor the stick will help. The understanding of personal sensitivities ends where fellow human beings are particularly at risk. Anyone who works in a nursing home or hospital and does not accept “2G” should not be asked to do a daily test, but simply stay outside.

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