▷ Comment on strikes in the civil service of the federal states: Industrial disputes must hurt

02.11.2021 – 17:19

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Berlin (ots)

The fact that there is a strike during collective bargaining is extraordinary. The talks with the employers must have gone so badly that the union is actually no longer interested in negotiating and instead wants the broad masses to decide. That is how far things have come – even before the third round of negotiations, which has already been agreed upon – in the negotiations in the public service of the federal states.

As always, when collective bargaining escalate, it is only superficially about pay claims. The GDL train drivers have recently been on strike, mainly because the past negotiations were ultimately about the continued existence of their union at Deutsche Bahn. And in the negotiations in the public service, there are two fundamentally contradicting interests of Verdi and the federal states – with the exception of Hesse, with which the union has already reached an agreement. While Verdi is now calling for the other federal states to upgrade the health professions and for a collective agreement for student workers, the states only want to negotiate if the union agrees to reform the classification system. But Verdi rejects this because they fear that the negotiations will ultimately result in wage cuts for the employees instead of wage increases.

So it is only logical for the union to expand industrial action. As always, when important parts of the working population go on strike, the discussion will of course start as to whether this is proportionate. But the strikes will have to hurt. Only in this way will Verdi be able to wrest the collective bargaining community of the federal states with the substantial concessions that the employees deserve.

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