▷ Climate protection: Greenpeace calls for retail restructuring

02.11.2021 – 01:00

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Climate protection: Greenpeace calls for retail restructuring

Demand for more alternatives to new purchases – “Consumption is the main driver of the climate crisis”

Osnabrück. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace is pushing for a conversion of the retail trade to protect the climate. Viola Wohlgemuth, consumer expert and campaign manager at Greenpeace Germany, told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “I am specifically calling for ten percent of the retail space in German city centers to be made available for alternatives to new purchases in the next five years. Second-hand and circular economy must be normal will.” Because the most sustainable product is always the one that does not have to be manufactured from scratch, “regardless of whether it is textiles or electrical goods”.

Wohlgemuth emphasized: “We have to realize that we are the main driver of the climate crisis with our consumption. We also have an indirect influence on the very high CO2 emissions in China China is also used to manufacture cheap textiles and cheap electrical goods, which are then shipped or flown to us. ” It is therefore necessary to change consumption.

The Greenpeace expert emphasized that “fast fashion”, i.e. the rapid change and consumption of textiles, has resulted in the mass of clothing being produced worldwide doubling in just 15 years. At the same time, the wearing time has been halved. “Fashion items have become disposable, just like a lot of electrical goods and even a lot of furniture. We urgently need to get away from this throw-away mentality if we want to protect the climate effectively.” Many textile retailers would therefore have to become service providers who lend items, offer them for exchange or resell them as second-hand goods, according to Wohlgemuth.

According to the Greenpeace expert, every German buys an average of 60 new items of clothing, underwear and socks per person per year, not even counting this. She emphasized: “If we were to buy two fewer items of clothing per person per year, then we would have offset the greenhouse gas emissions from all domestic German air traffic.”

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