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▷ CDU federal board member Otte optimistic: member survey will come

02.11.2021 – 09:08

rbb – Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

CDU federal executive board member Henning Otte has expressed himself optimistically that the party leadership will decide to conduct a member survey on the successor to party leader Armin Laschet.

Otte said on Tuesday on rbb’s Inforadio that he was assuming that this process would come about: “There was a clear vote on Saturday in Berlin at the district chairperson’s conference. […] And we in the federal board accept this mandate to ask the members to involve them. ”

Otte emphasized the importance of including the 400,000 CDU members with their different opinions in the decision. “That’s exactly what makes us struggle for the best solution. We have to put that back in the foreground. We now have the chance again, as the opposition.”

The CDU politician did not want to comment on who has the best chance of taking over the chairmanship of the party in the process: “That is precisely the spirit that we want to awaken, not to give any pre-determination, no recommendation. Instead, to say us also to some extent reconcile the souls of our party with this membership. ”

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